I Will Escape chapter 12


As we are walking back to where ever he is taking me he says, “Sabrina would you like a tour of your new home?”

I respond, “Yes that would be nice.” I was thinking this will never be my home. I will never ever call this my home. I would have to die first.

He says to me, “This is my office. Come in Sabrina.” I go into his office. It has a big desk and bookshelf full of amazing books. I turn around and he is unbuttoning his shirt. He says, “Sabrina, take off your clothes.”

“Alpha, please no-”

He says again, “Take off your clothes, or there will be consequences.” 

Tears start filling my eyes, “Please Alpha, I don't want to do this.”

“Is that your final answer?” I look at him and I just can't bring myself to do it.

He wips his belt off. Tears start filling my eyes as he says, “Bend over.” I back up until I can't anymore. He grabs a hold of me and throws me over his desk. He pulls my pants down, and he hits me across my ass 10 times. By the time he is done I'm bleeding. Then I hear him unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. I go to move, but he grabs my waist and slams it against his desk. He says, “Don't move.” I try to squirm away, but its no use. He then thrusts inside me hard. I whimper in pain as he moans out loud. Then I feel him release himself inside me. He pulls out and backs up pulling his pants up.

He smacks my ass. I jump in fear. “Pull your pants up and compose yourself,” he says. Tears are streaming down my face. I feel defeated and sore. I go to pull my pants up carefully. It hurts. It even hurts just to stand. He walks over to me and kisses my forehead. “You need to start listening Sabrina.” I stay silent. I don't look at him. I hate this monster that stands in front of me. He is a poor excuse of a man.

“Now come Sabrina, lets continue the tour.” He puts his hand out for me to hold on too. As I limp over to him, I bypass his hand. I don't want to touch him. He makes me sick. “Now Sabrina, why do you have to be so damn difficult? Why can't you just listen to me,” he grabs me by the throat and pushes me up against the wall. I whimper because he is hurting me. “Now give me your fucking hand, so we can countine the fucking tour!” I give him my hand while giving him the fuck you finger, so he breaks my finger. “Now that's enough Sabrina!”

“You broke my finger!”

and grabs my hand. I whimper in pain as he squeezes my hand knowing he already broke one of my fingers. “What's a couple more,” he says, “Now let's go.”

He lets go of my throat. I dropped to the ground. As I get up he grabs my hand, and we leave his office. We see his Beta, but no Tonya. “Hey man, we need you now.”

He answers, “Ok. Let me take Sabrina back to my bedroom.”

takes me to his room and locks the door. I drop to my knees and scream in rage, sadness, and

says, “it's ok. We will get

is what it is, but I will never stop trying to escape. No matter how bad the torture

says, “You need to gain his trust. It's the only way to possibly lead to our

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La novela I Will Escape chapter 12 del autor Ashnlee1021 es una novela emocionante y fascinante historia En chapter 12, su amor por ella tomó forma y se profundizó. El contenido de los episodios se encuentra entre las dos orillas de la realidad porque es demasiado cruel para ser realista. Autor Ashnlee1021 Construcción Cada personaje en I Will Escape es una parte de la personalidad de cada persona. Solo tienes que experimentarlo para saber cuán profundo es. Siga chapter 12 y los capítulos posteriores de la novela I Will Escape en readerexp.com