I Will Escape chapter 14


Sabrina, why did you save me? You had the perfect opportunity to escape this hell, but instead you saved me. Now we are both stuck here.”

I say, “Tonya you were hurt. I couldn't just let you die!”

“It would have of been better than what fate has in store for us here,” she cries, “Then maybe all of this would be over.”

“Tonya, they're being attacked. I have no idea what is happening out those doors, but for now let's just enjoy this time we have with each other.”

I lay on the bed beside her and hug her. I say, “My parents are also dead. They murdered them while I was in school. I came home after hearing about what happened to your family. I found their bodies then they knocked me out, and I've been tortured ever since.” I was holding back tears now.

She says, “They were the pizza delivery guys. They tied me to my bed and took turns on me. They made my parents watch until they were all done. Then they tortured my parents beating them until they gave up your family's info. They got all the info they wanted from them and then killed them.”

“Do you know why this is happening to us,” I ask.

She says, “No. I've been trying to figure it out, but I can't see why they did what they did to our families.”

“The Alpha is a monster,” I say, “He says I am his and no one else. He beats me, rapes me, and he is so possessive. I can't stay. I have to escape this hell. I know I had the chance, but I couldn't let you die. You're the only person I have left.”

“The Beta is gentle. He is possessive, but he doesn't hurt me. In the beginning it was horrible, but once he chose me as his it has gotten better. I have accepted that this is my life, and you will accept this life too. Eventually,” she says.

at her and try not to cry. She has lost her fire. She is broken and not fixable from what these monsters have done to her. I want to tell her to come with me. Let's escape together, but she is submitted to the Alpha. It saddens me to say this, but I can't trust

She looks at me and says, “I lost the baby didn't I?”

I look at her with sympathy in my eyes she already knows the answer without me saying it out loud. “I'm so sorry Tonya!” I hug her as she cries in

wasn't ready to be a mom,” she says, “is it bad that it's a relief for me to have lost

not your fault that it happened. Now you get to try again, and maybe you will be ready when it happens next

smiles at me and says, “You always know what to say to make me feel better. Thanks,

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