I Will Escape chapter 19


.I wake up to birds chirping. I'm freezing laying in the bushes naked. I use my wolf hearing to see if I can hear anyone else around me. I concentrate as much as I can, and I hear leaves ruffling. I can't tell if its from people walking, animals, or simply just the wind. I'm terrified to move knowing that if the Alpha finds me there will be hell to pay. Getting caught means I might never have the chance to escape him again.

As I hide in the bushes I hear nothing for what seems to be hours, so I decide to get up from my spot. I'm hungry and dehydrated. I won't be able to run as fast now until I eat and drink. Jazz responds, "Go into your wolf form, and I'll catch us something to eat."

I ask, "Wait, how are we going to cook it?"

Jazz laughs, "We aren't going to. I'm going to kill it and eat it ."

"Eeww," I respond.

"You won't think that when I'm done." I decide to shift letting Jazz take over. She catches a bunny.

As we are ripping through the fur and flesh it's delicious; mind blowingly delicious. I get so overwhelmed with excitement I howl. "Oh fuck! I'm sorry! We need to go just in case someone else heard that."

I start running terrified that someone heard me. Jazz said, "Keep clam and concentrate on running," so I do.

All of a sudden I feel a big pinch in my side. I look and it's a dart. Son of a bitch! I say to Jazz, "I got us caught! I'm sorry."

I collapse and I see a man walking up to me saying, "Hey, she is worth a hell of a lot of money," then they high five and I'm out.

As I start coming to I feel like I'm over someone's shoulder. I listen to them. They're talking to each other. I hear them say, "She should be out for a couple of hours before the Alpha gets here."

That's when I smile and say, "Are you ready Jazz?"

She responds, "Ready when you are." I do a back flip off of the mans shoulder and turn in to my wolf form. I let Jazz take off, and we run as fast as we possible

Thinking of my freedom is my drive to go as fast as I can. "I see a pond Jazz. We need to go get a drink of water if we want to keep going."

After getting a drink I turn into my human form. I swim in the pond trying to get them off my scent and I love to be in the water. When I was younger my parents couldn't keep me out of the water I loved it so much. As I float on my back I'm completely relaxed. Thinking how much I was loved, how they sacrificed their lives for me, and no matter what I will never stop fighting to live my life by my own

mistake not knowing really any of the werewolf traiditions when I stepped off the Alpha's territory I stepped on some elses. When I get to the end of the pond I see a house and lots of people. "Oh shit! Jazz we are in trouble. How do we get out of here without

not really sure what to tell you to do. Here we can't go backwards

be a reward for my return. Those men said I'm worth a nice reward. That's going to make it harder for

wait for it to get dark so I can just try to run right through. I see lights and hear the voice that haunts my dreams. It's the Alpha. His deep stern voice sends chills through my hole body. "Jazz what do we

stay right where we are. Don't move and don't breath." I try my hardest not to make a sound. I see him talking to someone. I try to listen in, but I can't focus. There is too much fear running through

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