I Will Escape chapter 21


The car stops. He opens the door and gets out then reaches for my hand. I don't want to touch him, but I also don't want his consequences, so I reach for his hand, and we walk into what seems to be maybe another house. He owns it either way. I don't care I feel defeated and shut down. I am officially alone with nothing to live for anymore. He opens up the door to my new prison. I can't believe I'm back to this hell.

“Oh my sweet Sabrina, let me show you to our bedroom.” I follow him not wanting to just wanting to run away from him. I don't want to walk into this hell. “No my sweet Sabrina, this will be your new home. How do you like it,” he asks. 

“This will never be my home,” I respond. 

He looks at me with his crystal blue eyes and smiles. Then he grabs me by my waist and pulls me in whispering in my ear, “Don't push it. I don't want to fight, and I'm tired. Let's get some sleep, and I'll be more than happy to fuck you in the morning.”

As we walk into the house I don't want to take notice of anything. I hate it all, and it's nothing but silence through my mind. Jazz isn't there to keep my head up high and stay positive. This life isn't going to be worth living alone without her.

We go up a staircase, and he says, “This is our room. How do you like it,” he asks. I stay silent. I don't answer him, and I can tell he is getting furious. I stared thinking maybe I can make him so mad he just kills me. I laugh to myself. The truth is I wouldn't be that lucky. He tells me to go shower and get ready for bed. That's something I really want, so I go into the bathroom to turn the shower on. I look at my cut up bruised body. I'm not healing due to Jazz being absent, but honestly pain is like my second nature now, so it's not so bad.

I step into the shower the hot water running down my body feels so good. It's stinging all my open cuts, but the good kind of stinging that makes me feel like I exist. My mind is blank, my sanity is gone, so is my hope. The only person who was truly mine who kept me positive and encouraged me to do everything possible to escape this hell is no longer here. I'm

I'm finished I get out of the shower and dry myself off. As I'm standing there naked the Alpha walks in. “I got you some clean clothes,” he says handing me my clothes. I stay silent as I go to reach for my clothes he's picked out, so he gets angry and slaps me. I fall to the ground. He says, “You ungrateful bitch! You're so unappreciative of anything I do for

I Will Escape novela chapter 21

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