I Will Escape chapter 23


I don't hesitate. I get up and go straight to the bathroom. I brush my teeth, brush my hair, and get dressed of course in the clothes he picked out for me. He comes in, and says, “Let’s go.” I go with him. We go to the kitchen, and to my surprise I see Tonya. I have never been so happy to see her I say, “Hi! How are you feeling?” 

Then I feel a sharp pain across my face as the Alpha slaps me and says, “You don't speak unless you are told to by me to you understand Sabrina!”

“Yes,” I respond.

We sit down to eat breakfast. Well they did. My mouth is watering as I watch them eat. I'm starving, but I say nothing. I just sit with my head down. Alpha speaks up to me and says, “Sabrina, are you hungry?” I don't answer. He then says, “You may answer.” 

I respond, “Yes Alpha.” 

He said, “Well that must be awful to watch as I indulge in this delicious breakfast.”

I want to eat, but I'm not served any food. I'm only allowed to watch, so that's what I do like a good puppy. I try not to look up and stare. I just felt uncomfortable then. When they all were finished eating the Alpha said my name. I looked at him, and he said, “Gather all the dishes up, and then you may eat whatever else is left on the plates. Then wash up the dishes.”

I collect all the plates emptying them in the trashcan and take the plates out to the kitchen. I started washing up the dishes. The Alpha comes in and asks if I ate. “Answer,” he says. 

respond, “No Alpha,” and that I was fine with

said, “So be it then. After you're done we are going out for you to meet some pack Sabrina. Tonya is going to fix up your face so you look a little more presentable, but no talking between friends. You need to earn your privileges and if you do try to she will be punished as well. Hurry and finish up the dishes he says.” I nod to the Alpha, so he knew I understood

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