I Will Escape chapter 24


Tonya and I walk to the bathroom in silence not allowed talking to each other. I don't even attempt it because I don't want the Alpha to hurt her. We get to the bathroom. It's as big as a bedroom. It has a beautiful vanity. I sit, and she starts to try to hide the bruises on my face. I see her getting tears in her eyes. Not ever thinking about how this probably made her feel having to cover my bruises to make me look presentable to all those that follow the Alpha's every move. That if it's not done to his approval what consequences she will suffer.

The Alpha walks in and tells Tonya to get out. Tonya stops what she is doing and leaves right away. The Alpha approaches me. Leaning in to me trying to scare me he says, “I am only going to say this once, and you better listen and listen good. If you embarrass me in front of my pack there will be master consequences of your actions. It will be you watching me torture your best friend, and you will never be getting your wolf back do you understand Sabrina? You may answer me Sabrina.”

“Yes Alpha, I understand. May I talk to your people if they talk to me.” I don't want my silence to show any kind of ignorance. 

The Alpha smiles, “Sure Sabrina,” and he reaches down and kisses my lips. “Sabrina, kiss me back now,” as he attempts again I kiss him back. He says, “That's my good girl.” He walks out, and I am trying to handle myself taking deep breaths to try to keep myself from getting upset.

Tonya walks back in the room, and she continues to do my makeup. Once she is finished she hands me an outfit and says, “The Alpha wants you to wear this. Get changed then we will head back downstairs.” I take the outfit. It's just my style; a casual nice pair of jeggings, and a long sleeve shirt saying 'she belongs to your Alpha'. I'm just like what the fuck! Really! I have to wear a shirt that even reads I belong to him!

As we walk down the stairs the Alpha looks up at me and tells me that he loves my shirt. I smile and stop myself from talking. He smiles back and says, “You are allowed to talk while we are meeting my pack, but once we are back to the house you do not speak unless told to you understand me Sabrina.” I nod that I understand and we leave the house. The Beta and Tonya go

nice to be with Tonya. Just having her around made me feel less alone. I walked up to the Alpha and said, “Alpha.”

He looks back, “Yes, Sabrina?”

I also allowed to speak to Tonya,” I

He says, “No.”

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