I Will Escape chapter 26


As we are walking back to his house I feel a pinch on my ass. I look back, and he just smiles at me and says, “I can't wait to get back to the house,” and threw me onto the bed. I don't respond to him. I don't want him touching me at all, but I know that he doesn't care what I want. I try to walk slower since I know now what is going to happen once I get back, but he grabs my arm and forces me to walk along with him at his speed like his little puppet. As we get to the door I say goodbye to Tonya and feel sharp pain across my face. He says, “I told you not to talk to her.” Then I realize that his pleasure is going to be my pain.

As we walk up to the house he's pulling me up the stairs. I'm trying to resist terrified of what is to come knowing that he said there would be severe consequences for my actions. Maybe that was just embarrassment. Not if I spoke to Tonya. I wasn't thinking when I said the goodbye it was just habit. We walk inside and Tonya and the Beta follow us in wondering what is happening. The alpha says, “They live here too,” Then he looks at me and says, “Now Sabrina, we are back at the house. You know the rules, and they better be followed.”

“Come, let us have lunch my friends. Sabrina,” the Alpha says, “since you did an ok job you may have lunch with us. What do you say Sabrina? You may talk.”

“Thank you, Alpha.”

up to me and whispers in my ear, “For what I am going to do to you're going to need nourishment, so eat up my dear,” and he kissed my forehead smiled and walked away.

I feel sick in my stomach knowing what is about to happen. I take my time eating not wanting to give him the satisfaction of taking me away and fucking my brain's out. The Beta stands up and asks the Alpha if he may speak and make an announcement. The Alpha says, “Of course you may.”

out his hand for Tonya she grabs a hold of his hand. She is smiling as she stands up. He says, “I would like to announce that Tonya and I are expecting a pup.” The Alpha smiles and congratulates them. I say nothing because I wasn't told to speak. Alpha looks at me and says, “You may speak

look up wanting to respond, but nothing comes out. I'm so disgusted. How is she bringing a baby into this madness. I suck in taking a deep breath and say, “That's

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En I Will Escape novela chapter 26 autor Ashnlee1021 los detalles son llevados al clímax. Es porque ella no llora por sí misma, administrará el tiempo de trabajo y descanso de la heroína. Pero cuando está enojado, no levanta la voz para asustar a la gente, no hay clase de clase como enseñar a los niños. Toda su actitud hacia la protagonista femenina es sentida por todos. Sigue a I Will Escape Ashnlee1021 chapter 26 en readerexp.com