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As he carries me up the steps I lose all strength. I am kicking him as hard as I can, and he just laughs. He throws me down on the floor. I cry out in pain. “Clean yourself up,” he demands. I'm so weak it's hard for me to stand. I watch him just walk out and shut the door. I whimper in pain trying to get myself off the floor. As I stand I look around. I seem to be in a bedroom. The walls are white with nothing on them, no windows, but the furniture is nice though.

I go over to the open the door to what I think is supposed to be the bathroom. Not sure what I see at first I realize it's not the bathroom but a room full of sexual play toys. I become terrified of what he is going to do to me. I am still a virgin, and I know that's about to be taken from me whether I like it or not. I just wanted to curl up into a ball. What is my life going to be now? A slave to the Alpha, a cruel man that killed my family, and is getting ready to torture me. As I search for another door I open it hoping to not be surprised.

I find the bathroom and look in the mirror. I don't recognize myself. My light brown hair is covered in blood, bruises cover my face, my lip is cut open and twice it's size, and I don't know the person looking back at me. I wonder what I did to deserve all this and what is about to happen to me. Not knowing any werewolf traditions because I wasn't taught nor knew of other wolves besides the bakers stuck in my thoughts. I hear a pound at the door that snaps me back to reality. “I'm coming in,” he says. As he looks at me his eyes go red, “I told you to get cleaned up! My sweet Sabrina do you want me to hurt you?”

I'm not sure how to respond but my silence must have pissed him off. I felt a sharp pain around my throat making it hard to breath. He had me up against the wall by my throat, “Sweet Sabrina you are so beautiful how much fun I am going to have with you.” I feel myself almost passing out due to lack of oxygen. 

He finally releases me. I gasp for air and rub my throat, “Please! I will get cleaned up just please leave me be!” 

He laughs, “Oh Sabrina, yes you are getting cleaned up, but now it won't be a choice for you to do so.”

He grabbed me and took me into the bathroom. I asked him to please stop as he was ripping my clothes exposing my breasts and tearing my jeans off exposing my entire naked body. He pushes me into the tub, and I fall backward hitting my already bruised body against the tub. I whimper in pain. As he turns the water on I instantly jump. The water is freezing. He grabs my face and says, “Get cleaned up now!” He waits for my response

 “Yes Alpha.”. 

“Good girl,” he says back as he watches me wash my body. I feel totally defeated. My body is shaking due to the water being so cold. I finish up washing my hair. The shampoo smells like strawberries which makes me escape for just a minute. As I finish up he shuts the water off I stand there trying to cover my body not wanting him to see my body. He hands me a towel I wrap it around me feeling relieved covering myself.

to get out of the tub I was scared of what he was going to do to me. He says in a stern voice that makes me jump, “Get the hell out of the tub!”

“Yes Alpha.”

says, “I put clothes out on the bed for you. Get dressed.”

an idiot I say, “Thank

responses by laughing, “Don't thank me just yet. You have no idea what you're going to be

I Will Escape novela chaper 3

En I Will Escape chaper 3, el amor entre él y ella es hermoso y cálido. Me gusta mucho su personalidad sobria y decidida, a diferencia del conejito blanco colegiala de voluntad débil. Cuando está en peligro, sabe cómo protegerse. Cuando no sea reconocida por todos, usará sus acciones para demostrarlo todo. Por supuesto, una heroína de élite también se debía a que su presencia apoyaba el cielo para ella. Lee I Will Escape Ashnlee1021 chaper 3 en readerexp.com