I Will Escape chapter 37


The Alpha looks irritated and asks Joyce, “What the hell are you doing here?” She looks at him, “We need to talk right now!” 

The Alpha tells her that she is going to have to wait that we are going for a walk of the territory. 

Alpha! “I need to talk to you right now.”

“I am not playing around Alex it's important.”


Beta please take the girls inside and after they get settled come back out, so we can handle this now.  

The Beta says, “Yes Alpha, and we go inside. Okay ladies we will be back stay in the living room and relax until we return. 

We both say, “Yes Beta.” 

The Beta walks outside to meet with Joyce and the Alpha.

We connect our minds linked to each others. I tell Tonya there's something going on between the Alpha and Joyce, somehow it involves you and I. Tonya looks at me and says, “What do you mean it involves us?” 

I'm really not sure, but they said that we have no idea of our true background, what that means I don't know. Our teacher Mr. Jones has actually faked our deaths so nobody would be looking for us. Whoever it is that they are talking about Joyce seems to be terrified of them. I can hear it in her voice. 

I am going to continue to play his game. I will figure out what is actually going on and why we are both here.

The Alpha comes back in the room he scares me, I jump, “get up we need to leave now!”

Wait! “What do you mean?”

“Where are we going?” I ask.

Sabrina Let's go now!  

No tell me what is going on, why are you so frantic? He walks over and grab me by the throat its none of your business what is happening.

I don't answer to you Sabrina.

Go get in the fucking car now!

I can't respond. His grip is too tight he releases me I fall to the floor. 

me up and pulls me out the door into the car. What about the Beta and Tonya, Are they coming with us?”

Yes they will be right behind us.

 I think to myself I need to get Tonya on board, so we can escape

First, we need her to get her wolf out and she needs to get stronger to even have a chance to escape.

As I look out the window I do not recognize anything around not sure of my surroundings at all. As I'm looking out the window I start to fall asleep.

feel like I'm being carried. I wake up to the Alpha carrying me into what looks to be the first house I was in. I’m not sure where the hell I'm at. 

“Where are we Alpha?”

“We are at my home.” 

I look a around and notice my surroundings I am back to where I started. I can't wait to figure out everything I can understand what is really happening here. 


can put me down?” I know how to

let's go of me I fall to the floor I whimper in pain.

didn't have to be so

He laughs, “Are you kidding me?”

not even me being rough which you should know by

up, “Yes Alpha I'm sorry.”

can't escape him at this moment not wanting the consequences, I don't show any

Alpha is everything okay? 

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