I Will Escape chapter 39


As we are driving I am so scared not knowing what is happening. Where we are going, and why the alpha seemed so pissed off. I ask him “What is going on?” he looks at me and tells me it’s none of my business and to shut my mouth.

“What has happened?”

Sabrina, “Stop with the questions just worry about yourself.”

“Alpha, please tell me.” 

He yells in frustration.

“Shut up Sabrina or I will make you shut up by shoving my cock in your mouth!”

I go silent not wanting his consequences. He is so pissed off because of what just happened.

I have no clue. I just don't understand; how things can go so bad so fast what the hell is he running from?

He then says,“ The Beta and Tonya will not be joining us this time it will just be us.”  

“It will be nice to spend every second together, don't you think?”

I answer “of course Alpha” not wanting my month getting fucked for being smart.

We get to what looks to be a cabin. I look out the window and its beautiful. “How many cabins do you own?”

He opens the door and grabs me by my hand he responds as many as I want to have. We walk inside he tells me to go get ready for bed. 

I get into the bed and start listening in on his conversation. He is on the phone I hear him say “that's why I left.” 

“Get it under control quick you have 48hrs to figure it out.” 

“She can never find out the truth it will ruin everything!” 

“Sabrina does have her wolf for now but with Tonya getting her wolf also, They will be able to

talk about this anymore.” 

“If you find Jones call me right away.”

“Shit!” I'm not dressed I need to rush to get my clothes on and lay on the bed. The Alpha walks into the bedroom and I'm trying to prepare myself for what he is going to do to me. 

He walks over to the bathroom gets undressed and gets in the shower. He's quiet which is odd. When I hear the shower shut off I see him walking out he comes over to me and tells me to get him

I look at him not wanting to do what he wants but I start stroking his cock. He lets out a moan then tells me to suck his cock. I do as I'm told knowing he is in an awful mood.

Defining him right now is not the best time. I suck and stroke his cock until I feel his warm liquid going down my throat. He steps back and says that's my good girl Sabrina. 

disgust in what I have to do to please him. I know I have to pick my battles he needs to think I'm starting to fall

me to lay down, and he gets in beside me. As he is laying down his phone rings he gets up to answer it. He tells the person to hold on until he gets in the next room, so that he is alone.

listen to him I can't hear who's on the other end. I can only hear what the Alpha is saying. He starts by telling the person, “You need to make sure there are no witnesses.” “Nothing to lead to the ladies.

guards need taken care of and disposed

“Is Tonya under control yet?” 

“Good the situation is handled.” 

going to stay the weekend with Sabrina alone then we will

I Will Escape novela chapter 39

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