I Will Escape chapter 40


I wake up to the smell of bacon it's been so long since I’ve had bacon; it smells delicious. I get up to walk out to the kitchen. “Hello Alpha good morning.” He looks over to me and says, “You are finally awake, How did you sleep?” 

“It was hard at first because of being so worried about Tonya” I said, but eventually, I did fall asleep. Do you know how Tonya is doing?” 

He responds, “She is fine, come sit lets eat breakfast. I walk over and sit, and say “I didn't know you could cook. He laughs, its eggs and bacon, it's not that hard to cook I smile and say “I guess you’re right.”

All I can think about is how I possibly have a family member that is still alive. I hope maybe they will fill in the blanks of my past and clear this up, so I can be free. As I'm eating I look over to the Alpha his eyes are black, all I can do is think, “Oh now what did I do?” 

He asks, “How is your breakfast Sabrina?”.

“It’s delicious, thank you so much for making it for me, I respond.” I’m hoping it's enough to make him stop. 

He then asks, “What do I get for making you breakfast, Sabrina?” 

As he walks over to me, he smells my hair and starts kissing my neck. He grabs my waist, answer me Sabrina! 

“Anything you want Alpha.” 

He says, “That's my good girl.”

He then picks me up and sits me on the table, ripping my shirt off and starts caressing my breast, while sucking on my nipples. I try to control myself, he's making me extremely wet as his fingers trail down to my pussy. He is giving me so much pleasure I moan out for more.

 I hear as he unzips his pants and slides his cock inside me. I’m memorized by the pleasure he is giving me. The orgasms exploding between the two of us, not knowing how a man that causes so much pain, can make me feel so fucking good.

He makes my body want more, I can't get enough of him fucking me. He picks me up, then takes me to the bedroom and throws me down on the bed. 

I lay waiting wanting him to fuck me more as he crawls on top of me lifts my one leg up, he puts it on his shoulder and thrusts his cock inside my pussy. I scream out in pleasure! It feels so good that my body is shaking I have multiple orgasms as he changes positions and continues to fuck me. I'm exhausted from all the pleasure that he's giving to me, I can't even hold my own body weight up. 

He smiles at me and kisses my forehead. 

“You rest Sabrina, my good girl take a nap.” 

“I am going to get a shower,” I respond.

Alpha yells, “No!” I'm so exhausted at this point I don't care to define him as I lay there naked I fall asleep within seconds.

I start waking up my entire body is throbbing it hurts. I've done things I've never done in my entire life, but it felt so good. I look around and I don't see the Alpha anywhere, so I get up, go into the bathroom and turn the shower on.

 As the water is warming up, I see there are no clothes picked out for me, so I go and look for some clothes in the closet. I grabbed one of his shirts, and a pair of boxers. I go and get in the shower the water feel so good on my muscles.

“I can't believe what just happened, Jazz.”

“I am so embarrassed on the way that I acted.” How does he make me feel so much pleasure?”

 I don't understand that. 

responds, “Wanting pleasure its human nature that having something besides pain is what you crave.” “He mixes your pleasure with your pain to make you feel regret for bringing you down.” “He is trying to get you to submit to him he's playing a game with

“Besides that, you are in heat!”

 Wait! What is heat? 

the hell does that

responds,“Sabrina, you know what it is; it's the baby making process.” I start crying I can't have kids. They told me, “I couldn't have kids at a young age that I would never be able to carry a child.” Jazz responds, “Sometimes that can be changed once you get your wolf, and it depends on your bloodline.” If it's strong enough, it can overcome infertility so there can be another Alpha

Hold on, Wait!

I Will Escape de Ashnlee1021 chapter 40

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