I Will Escape chapter 41


As I start walking out the bedroom I feel a sharp pain across my face, and I fall to the ground. Alpha's strong stern voice says, “Did I tell you that you were allowed coming out of the bedroom?” I whimper in pain as I rub my cheek. “What the hell was that for?” I screamed.

You didn't have to hit me all you had to do was ask me to go back in the room. He yells, “Are you seriously talking back to your Alpha?” 

You shouldn't come out unless I say so. I get up off the floor, ignoring him and go into the bedroom, and shut the door. Ewe I hate him!

The door swings open and I prepare myself knowing he is going to beat me. 

He says, “You define me every chance you get.” The only reason I’m choosing you and not Tonya you’re supposed to be sterile. 

Well your heat proved that wrong, in fact you’re able to have pups. I refuse for my child to have your bloodline in his veins. 

I respond, “I'm not pregnant!” 

“I can't have children.” I was told I would never be able to have kids. He is in the closet throwing clothes at me. Get dressed we are leaving now!

As I am getting dressed I wonder what does he mean by choosing me and not Tonya? I can't believe that they did all this on purpose, it shows one of us, what is the meaning behind any of this?

He yells “Sabrina hurry and get dressed we need to go now!” I respond, “I am getting dressed just give me a couple of minutes please.” He grabs a hold of me picks me up by my throat and tells me, “I don't have minutes I have seconds.” 

 He throws me to the floor and I whimper in pain.

He puts me down I yell out,” You don't have to be such a fucking monster all the time my God I hate you.”

Then he grabs ahold of me and grabs my clothes to pick me up. He says, “Let's go I'm not waiting for you any more.” He carries me to the car get in now Sabrina and get fucking dressed. 

I respond to him “What is the rush?”

He yells “That's not your business Sabrina.” What do you mean about choosing me?         Why won't you give me any straight answers? Sabrina you are mine I don't answer to nobody.  I say to him “I don't belong to anybody especially you.”

“I will never stop trying to escape you.” 

He laughs “Sabrina you can try all you want you will not succeed, I will always find you I promise you that, my revenge is greater.”

Revenge of what I’ve never done anything to you? He says “There is so much that you don't know, so much that they hid from you.” 

Why won't you just tell me? 

laughs, “What’s the fun in

my revenge well you and your sister he smiles at

you talking about? I don't have any siblings. He says ,“Oh yes, you do

the only child. I think? I would know if I had a sister. He says, “Sabrina there is so much that you don't know and maybe will never know. Why do you even want me? Just let

never tell a soul any of this, tears start streaming down my face he looks at me his eyes turning

life for a life Sabrina your life for my

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