I Will Escape chapter 43


It seems like we've been driving for hours before I start to falling asleep I am not sure where we are going I recognize nothing in my surroundings. Then the car stops and it's so dark out I see nothing.

He turns to me and says, "we are here, get up” he grabs me by my arm and pulls me out of the car. All I see is people not knowing anyone. I hear someone say is she the reason for all this is she the revenge to the pack for killing our Alpha. He smiles oh yes she is the revenge we have been carving for someone yells lets kill her they cheer.

The Alpha says we are “not going to kill her whats worse than death is forcing her to live a life that's not by her choice being abused, starved and tortured daily. Why would we make it easy by killing her lets tie her to the tree and give everyone I turn for revenge.”

I scream out please “this wasn't me your revenge is because of something someone else I did nothing.”

He throws me to the ground yells” secure her to the tree he” leans down and whispers in my ear “this is for you trying to escape me enjoy your consequence.”

“ Alpha please no I'm sorry, don't do this.”

He looks at me and smiles and yells “this is for your revenge as we get stronger the revenge will get sweeter line up to wip your revenge.”

As I am getting tied to the tree, tears are running down my face there are hundreds of them. So, it starts with every hit I cry out in pain Jazz says shift let me take some pain for you before you are to weak to shift. I say okay as I shift the pain is lighting up a little but not by much, but the pain is overwhelming halfway through it, I shift back to my human I'm too weak to hold my wolf anymore. Jazz do you think it's time just to let go and give up she replies that all depends on do you have any more fight. I respond Jazz I'm tired of trying to escape this monster and not being successful. When the last person is finished everything goes black, I hear a familiar voice saying Alex what have you done to her. He says I allowed everyone to get their revenge, and she needed to pay for her consequences to her actions trying to escape me.

Joyce says” are you going to untie her and carry her to my office.”

No, she can suffer for a little longer let her suffer in her pain.”

“Fine I will untie her myself.”

then slaps her “you will not define me sister I am your

She yells “back you are a poor excuse for a man, let alone

then he laughs “you better watch what you say

Then she says” our father would be ashamed

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En I Will Escape chapter 43, lo entiendo perfectamente, el matrimonio contigo es forzado. Pero aun así aceptó, porque su corazón pronto se dio cuenta de la mitad de su vida. En chapter 43, la toleró, la mimó y se sacrificó por ella. Él la dejó seguir sus propios pasos, pero como estaba preocupado de que se cayera, todavía la observaba para sostenerla. Su amor no es un cliché, ni irrealmente dulce, sino muy verdadero y abnegado. Lee I Will Escape chapter 43 del autor Ashnlee1021 en readerexp.com