I Will Escape chapter 45


As the Alpha walks closer and closer, I am ready for whatever is about to happen to me. He leans do and kisses my forehead.

“Oh my sweet Sabrina, you are so beautiful.” as he starts on zipping his pants and wipes out his cock. “Open your month Sabrina.”

I don't listen not preferring to do what he wants me to do not like I have a choice so do as I'm told ashamed of following his command. Wanting to tell him to go straight to hell where he came from.

I try to think of anything besides what I am doing as he is moaning out loud, stroking his cock with my mouth. He's grabbing me, forcing me to go at his speed that he prefers. I gang he just goes faster until he finally cums in my mouth.

“Swallow it Sabrina don't you dare spite it out.” Then he rubs his cock against my face and smiles. “Let go you undressed, so you can take a bath, you dirty girl.”

He turns the water on, hoping that he isn't planning a rude dick head trick by filling the tub with cold water instead of hot. He comes down to my level as I'm looking into his eyes there so beautiful wonder how a person becomes so evil for revenge.

“I am going to lift you up I just need you to pull down your pants.”

As he is holding me up, I take off my pants after he sets me back down.

“Lift your arm,”

I say, “I can take my shirt off.”

He slaps me across the face “Don't define me Sabrina do as your told.” So, I lift my arms for him to remove my shirt and the picks me up bridal style and places me in the tube as he lets go supprisely gently.

have 15 minutes will be back to get you out do you understand me Sabrina.” I respond “yes Alpha.”

As I relax in the water thinking god that it's nice and hot that he didn't play a trick on me. I forgot to ask him for a wash cloth, so I look around I find the soap and I just use my hands to wash my body and wash my hair. I love how strawberries smell it's such a pleasant scent the shampoo smells like it I'm using. For what reason it always makes me think cheerful thoughts, not sure why maybe it just on how sweet smell is I know sometimes it's nice to consider of something cheerful. Jazz says even it's just the smell of strawberries she laughs, and I laugh not knowing that it was indeed possible anymore. As I am finishing you the Alpha comes in, I can hear his footsteps get closer and closer my smile disappears I hear his stern tone voice are you finish my sweet Sabrina. All I think of is how I want to kill him but then answer yes Alpha like a good girl for now, anyway.

As he goes and unplugs the and lets the water out I become cold from being all wet, he hands me a towel. I'm, so I can myself off the best that I can with it being wet underneath me, he then helps me stand I can hold my balance. He says dry the rest of yourself I'll help you get to the bed, so you can dress yourself.

I respond, “yes Alpha. “

As I'm finishing, he yells' hurry the fuck up I have shit that I need to get done besides helping you.”

my head down “yes sorry to inconvenience you I know you must be busy.”

makes me look at him “are you

Yes Alpha” he the picks me up then carries me back to bed and sits me down. As he is walking out the door he

someone bring you something

he leaves, I can hear him lock the door, locking me in this

I Will Escape novela chapter 45

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