I Will Escape chapter 47


I see the doctor rush in Alpha may I give her something for the pain; it looks to be several rips are broken.

Then he glances at the doctor “do whatever you need to do this wasn't supposed to happen to her. She was just recovering for her last consequence this wasn't ordered by me.”

The doctor then looks at him “well someone needs to pay for what they just did to her and not following your orders and no better person to punish them but the person that they hurt.”

“Are you saying the person who did this to Sabrina deserves to be punished by Sabrina.”

“What do you think about that alpha don't you think it makes the perfect consequence as many times as he struck her, she should hit him? If you wouldn't of getting here when you did, she would be dead than what would his punishment be if he had killed.

The Alpha then says, “thank doctor for helping her you gave me a lot to think about.”

“Yes Alpha if you need anything you just get a hold of me she should be healed up in a couple of hours, I will come back to check on her but if I were you, I would lock the door and not giving anyone the key if she's your most prized possession,” the doctor says and then leaves.

I feel the Alpha standing over me a hate it makes me feel so nerves. Jazz thank you I thought, he was going to kill us I didn't think you could do that. Jazz laughs just like, you can talk to other humans, I can communicate to other wolves. Well, thank you Jazz you saved our life you're welcome Sabrina now rest, so your body can heal my dear.

As I fall into a deeper sleep, I dream about what this year would have been like my senior year of high school. Tonya and I am helping decorate for prom, picking a theme going dress shopping to find that perfect dressed with our moms. What every teenage girl thinks of her senior year of high school. Ben it all goes black, and my nightmare begins all I see is his face, and he's getting closer and closer to me as my parents try to save me he slits their throat. I cry out for them, trying to warn them of the monster that is coming after them, but they don't understand it's like my lips are moving, but no words are coming out. I can't save them, I screamed to myself, why can't I save them Then I realize because they're already dead.

up from my dream frightened I let out a little scream not knowing that anyone else is in the Room. The alpha jumps up and says, “Sabrina are you all right” I look at him and say “yes I was having a nightmare I apologize if I scared you alpha.”

asked you want to talk about your dream.”

I answer “no, thank you alpha.”

The alpha says, “how are you feeling Sabrina how are your pain levels.”

“my pain is good I feel not very much of anything right now.”

is good I am happy that the pain is gone. With all that said, the Beta needs to pay its consequences for his actions that he did to define me. I figured what better person to give him those consequences

stare at the alpha I don't choose to hurt anybody I don't need to punish someone because of what they have done

“Sabrina, don't be such a butterfly if you do not give him the consequences that he needs, then you will pay for his consequences.”

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