I Will Escape chapter 50


“Please just be careful Sabrina and don’t fall for this monster,” Jazz barked. He is being charming now, but you know that never last long. I smile laugh out loud, you will never ever have to worry about that. My hatred for him overpowers everything.

 Just saying “Sabrina I don’t want you ending up with a sadistic manipulative asshole .”

 I uttered, “Jazz that is not happening I can promise you that.”

“Why not have some fun with this?”

“Don’t you think I might as well get pleasure out of this game that we are playing?”

 Jazz hesitated, “I guess.” “Why not all the pain that you’ve felt for so long, what is a little pleasure.”

“Exactly I knew you’d agree with me.”

The door opens and the Alpha asks, “Sabrina are you ready to go for dinner?”

I look at him and smile of course I am. I also have a question, “Why do you lock me in this room?”

 The Alpha starts explaining, “ I lock you in this room so no other male can even think of coming after you.” I look at him well oh okay, I was just wondering I couldn’t get out when I went to open the door then realizing it was locked.

He teases me saying, “I have to make sure that you are safe at all times my sweet Sabrina.”

 You are very protective of me, “Can I ask you why?”

He glances at me, “ Simply because you are mine.”

 I look confused to make him think that I’m overwhelmed with his protection,

I tell him, “I can take care of myself.” Then he grabs me by my throat. I jump trying to act like this is the first time he has ever done this to me.

“What are you doing?” You’re hurting me.

He whispers in my ear, “You will not define me love.” Unless you want the consequences, do you understand me Sabrina?”

I whimper, “Yes I’m sorry.”

He then puts me down.

As we go to leave I say, “Can I ask you something?”

“What Sabrina?”

 I then ask, “What’s your name?” You never told me I don’t know what to call you.

He smirks, “You can call me Alpha!”

Jazz comes out, “Sabrina we are going to be walking the halls, so get ready, try to remember everything that you possibly can.”

 The Alpha holds my hand and opens the door, and we leave the bedroom.

We are walking the halls its so dark I can’t see very much of anything. I say “Wow” it is really dark in these halls. The Alpha replies, “It’s how I like it.” I respond with a giggle, “How can you see where you are going?”

Sabrina I don’t need to see I know these halls like the back of my hand. I could walk with my eyes closed. I then hear a scream and I jump and grab on to the Alpha. I want to make him think I’m scared.

comforts me, “It’s okay Sabrina nobody is allowed to touch you.” “You don’t have to be scared.” I then squeeze tighter on his hand.

As we are walking we come to a door that leads up to salvation, I finally can see light when we get to the top. I realize were at his house.

What the fuck! He has a whole torture chamber in his basement? I have no clue how far underground it actually is. It seems that it is possibly at least three stories underneath this house.

How the hell would they be able to create something so awful?

Then again they are monsters.

As we walk out of the dungeon area that was pitch black you might as well call it hell. I act amazed on what I see and how beautiful it is.

 I ask curiously, “Where are we Alpha?”

answers me, “This is my

 If this is your house, and we are together then why are you keeping me in the basement?

to laugh, “Well I had a business trip, and you agreed to stay there until I got home. Unfortunately you end up getting hurt, and everything changed from there.

 “Will I be staying up here with you?”

are sending me back to the dungeon area? I let out a giggle.

at me. No you will be staying with me from here on out. “Do you have a problem with that my sweet Sabrina?”

not!” I respond sounding

says “let’s go to the dining room where you can meet my Beta and his mate.”

delightful I always enjoy meeting new people!”

enter the dining room I am trying to keep my composure. I can’t forget what the Beta did to me last time. I still feel a little hesitant around him. I can’t show any kind of fear because I am not supposed to remember anything.

really hope that Nicole is okay and he hasn’t taken all his hatred for me out on her. As we get closer to the Beta and his mate they stand up.

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