I Will Escape chapter 51


I can’t wait to get my plate and devour it. As I look across the table I see the Beta kissing his mate’s hand and telling her how beautiful she looks. All I can think about is my revenge. It may not be today or tomorrow, but someday I am going to kill him with my own two hands.

He is a poor excuse for a man this whole pack is. It’s a shame what all these poor women have to go through hell because of them.

Jazz cuts in, “Sabrina contain yourself we cannot save everybody it’s unfortunate, but we can’t.” We need to concentrate on saving ourselves and maybe later we can help them. I don’t argue with what she’s saying I know she’s right.

It saddens me because I know exactly the pain they feel.

I am deep in thought the Alpha goes to touch my hand I jump. “Are your alright Sabrina?” I smile and say sorry I’m just meeting my wolf.

 I guess I zoned out for a minute, but I’m back now, I smiled.

 Congratulations on finally meeting your wolf for the first time! We all could go for a run tomorrow if you’d like to. I light up with excitement , really that would be awesome!

I only ever transferred to my wolf on full moons, I’m not sure how to just shift. He says that’s okay I’ll teach you. “Really!” I respond that would be amazing.

As we are finishing up our meal the Beta asks the Alpha if he could talk to him in private. Ladies please excuse us just for a moment. That’s fine take your time I will miss you.

I am still eating but I tune in with my wolf trying to listen to what they are saying. As they start talking I hear the Beta. “Wow she is really different isn’t she.” The Alpha agrees yes she is and now I truly have a chance. I’m ready to totally control her every move and make her mine.

 The Beta questions Alpha, “Do you think there is any chance that she might be pretending.”

The Alpha said a part of me thought that but there will be test along the way to really see if she is pretending or not.

“I’m going to enjoy it while it’s here don’t you think?” Alpha says.

 The Beta nods , “Why not enjoy controlling her for now and if she’s not pretending this will be amazing opportunity to turn her into whatever you want her to be.

understand” Alpha tells Beta.

Why not hang out for a little after dinner. The Beta says that would be nice lets enjoy our night with our ladies he smiles.

As they start a walking back I am finished eating now. I did not say one word to the Beta’s new slave Allison. I know that she can not be trusted and I can’t get any attachments. When I get the fucking chance I am out of here.

 I can’t have absolutely no one holding me back at all. The Alpha approaches the table, “ladies let’s have a glass of wine and watch a

I smile and say, “That sounds like so much fun lets do it!”

“Do you mind if I use the bathroom before we go to watch the movie?”

“Do you mind taking me Alpha?” I don’t know where it is.

Can you please show me?

I can show you where it

me to the bathroom once we get there he asks me, “Do you think you can find your way back?” I smile and say “yes thanks for showing me the

go into the bathroom I start talking to Jazz. “You think I’m doing good out

there will be test that he is going to give me. He is trying to make sure I’m not pretending. “What kind of test do you think he will try?” Jazz responds, “ We just have to pay attention.” He will probably give us chances to escape to see if you take the bait.

there is an obvious chance to escape then we need not to escape and be good basically? Yes Jazz confirms, “That is exactly what we will have to do.” I just hope I can keep up with this I can’t stand this monster. Just hang in there Sabrina what choice do we have now. I finish up in the bathroom, and I head back to the dining

is standing there waiting for me.

I Will Escape novela chapter 51

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