I Will Escape chapter 54


As I am going up the stairs, I head to his bedroom terrified knowing he is going to hurt me. Filled with anger tears start to form in my eyes, I feel so weak. I open the door too afraid to say anything because I think it won’t matter I will still be punished. As I go to shut the door it slams open against the wall. He starts swiftly moving towards me I keep backing up until there is no where else to go. He has me up against the wall. 

He grabs me by my throat with tears streaming down my face, I feel like I can’t breathe. He wants me to get on my knees, I hesitate he  throws me to the bed and bolts to the closet. While searching for something  he yells don’t you fucking move Sabrina. 

“Please Alpha what are you doing?” Don’t hurt me anymore, I cry out.”

 I  know it doesn’t matter what I say to him he’s an awful monster. He is going to do whatever the hell he wants with me. Walking out of the closet I see he has a rope in his hands. Sit up against the head board, he demands. 

“Alpha I’m begging you stop.” Once again he smacks me across the face and grabs a fist full of my hair. Pulling my head back he whispers, “damn it can’t you ever just fucking listen to me.

He aggressively is tying my hands to the head board and pushes my back flat up against it. He takes the rope around my throat I can’t move my head tears are running down my cheeks. As he is starting to unzip his pants he takes his hard cock out and slaps me in the face. 

“Sabrina open you month now.” 

I respond, “Please Alpha don’t do this,” he slaps me not only once but twice. 

He repeats himself, “I said open your fucking mouth.” I slowly open my mouth he slams his hard cock into my mouth. He’s fucking my mouth so hard his cock is just sliding down my throat. As he is fucking my mouth, I’m gagging his cock is blocking my airway, I can’t breathe.

 I am wishing for this torture to be over. I hate him more than anything I want to bite his cock off. I am afraid that he might kill me if I would.

 I am so tired of him I can’t move my head it is tied in place for him to do as he pleases. What the hell is wrong with this man? Why is he so satisfied torturing me? Can’t he just be a good human being, and not such a fucking heartless monster all the fucking time. As he is ready to cum he pulls his dick out and cums all over my face.

He commands me, to lick my lips, but I don’t.

 I draw the line I am so sick of him. He then says it once again, “lick your lips damn it.”

think your big and tough?”

 He strangles his hands around my neck to choke me. I just let him hoping this time he kills me tears start forming in my

I fucking have had enough of him.  I am not his little sex puppet that is just going to follow his fucking commands.

As I am hopelessly tied to the bed trying to catch my breath he gets up. Putting his pants on he leaves the room without saying a word. As he  slams the door and walks out of the room, I am relieved. I’m guessing how he left me tied to the bed is just proof that he’s not done with me just yet.

 I let out a scream of frustration and I start to cry. I’m trying to deny the fact that the pain has just begun.  He will be back to do more, and next time probably will be even worse than what it was this time.

My jaw is killing me I can barely open my mouth. His disgusting cum on my face is drying and getting hard. The smell and me just knowing he is all over my face is making me nauseous.

 I just want out of this situation and never look back to this nightmare of a life . My plan was always to escape, but now I’m going to have to switch it up. Revenge is my plan now, I will kill the Alpha by ripping his fucking heart out of his chest. He deserves a lot of worse for how he treats not just me but all the women in his pack.

won’t stop until the Alpha is butchered and burned. I plan on being the one that delivers on that promise. As soon as Tonya and my father finally come and set me free from this hell. I will bring a end to him, his life in my hands, and mine will finally begin again. Then they won’t be able to capture any other female to torture and make their lives a living

I am tied to the head board naked freezing my ass off, Jazz comes through.

you okay Sabrina?” She wonders sounding really worried about me

“I don’t know what the hell I am, I just know I’m so

tired of wanting to kill myself

Sabrina we cannot give up especially when Tonya is out there searching for your

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