I Will Escape chapter 56


As I open the door, and I see the Alpha I’m instantly nervous not knowing what is going to happen. He’s looking at me with intense eyes not sure how to take him at the moment.

I say, “Hello Alpha it’s so nice to see you once again,” and wait for his response.

He then looks at me and speaks, “Oh my sweet Sabrina its always so nice to see you!”

“ I missed you so much.” I see that you got dressed too.

 I reply ,“yes Alpha the Beta told me that I had permission to get dressed, so I did.” Is my outfit okay? Alpha looks me up and down. “Yes, you look fine come with me Sabrina.” I am sending somebody up to replace the mattress. I hope that you learned your lesson not to define me and to follow my rules. When I am trying to show you how to do something you do it and not mock me.

 I apologize Alpha that I offended you in any kind of away. “Will you forgive me?”

 The Alpha smiles “of course Sabrina.”

I don’t remember mocking him, I just didn’t shift because I was trying to act like I was unable to do it myself. I needed him to teach me shifting obviously he has no patience to teach anybody anything. When he wants something done he expects it to be done right away. If things aren’t getting done there’re consequences that come with those actions. He is a spoiled brat that wants everything, and also wants everything in return.

He wants nobody to have anything unless he has it, and he has control over it. I know the Beta came to try to intimidate me. Pushing to see how I would react to him since the last time he beat the shit out of me.

As we are walking the halls I have no clue where the hell we are going but I just follow. What choice do I really have? I do not dare ask the Alpha what we are doing his reaction might not be all that kind. We are walking to the dining room I notice now, and we sit down.

The Alpha asks, “Sabrina would you like some dinner?”

I respond to him, “only if you think it’s fit for me to have dinner after the way I’ve behaved.”

He then smiles and says, “well since we are trying to get past it, I will allow you to eat with us.” I would have never guessed who would be joining us, of course. No one other than The Beta and Allison come walking into the dining room. Honestly this life just seems like a déjà vu over and over again and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t speak to anyone I don’t look at anyone I sit to myself and I eat my food in silence not listening to my surroundings just being alone.

Jazz comes in, “Sabrina you need to snap out of it and stop this.”

“This is not our life we will never give up the fight for freedom.” I know that your upset right now, but you need to get over it. We cannot show any sign of weakness between you and me. I’m sorry Jazz for the way that I have been acting I am just trying to get through this just give me some time.

“Sabrina.” “Sabrina” I snap out of it .

“Yes, Alpha?” Are you ignoring me?

at the Alpha and apologize “no I am not.”

 He then looks at me angry and my thoughts are; “What the hell is new? Now Sabrina, “What would you like to do tomorrow?” I looked at him, and I am confused not sure what to say. Well Alpha, I’m not really sure am I able to do something?

 Then he responds well anything within reason for course. I would like for us to have some fun. What about going outside? We can just enjoy being outdoors, maybe go for a long

looks at me and says, “well Sabrina why don’t we go for a run instead maybe using our wolf?” In my head I think, yeah because that was such a good idea last time, but instead I respond whatever you want to do Alpha is fine by me.

trying so hard not to mock him. I am so sick of being punished I don’t want to go through any more punishments not tonight anyway. I am actually exhausted from being exhausted, I guess my body is weak. Too bad my strength isn’t built up if it were I would be able to run as fast as I could to get away from him.

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