I Will Escape chapter 58


As we are eating out of nowhere the Beta looks at Allison and says, “Are you excited to go for a run today?” Allison responds, “of course it’s nice to get outside.” The Beta keeps on talking “Well I am happy that you are excited for something.” The food is delicious. I really didn’t understand how hungry I was until I started eating. The feeling of being full is one of the most amazing feelings, especially from being hungry for so long.

Jazz jokes, “Man Sabrina you must’ve been starving, you’re the first one done you ate so fast.

I hold in a laugh , “I didn’t want to waste any time you never know what happens minute to minute around here.”

I keep my head down while everybody else eats. You never know what a eye roll or a wrong look will get you, if they don’t like it. Next thing you know everything’s all fucked up and your tied to a bed. The crazy part is the Alpha really hasn’t spoken to me or touched me in days it’s shocking to me I like it.

I wonder if he is getting tired of me? What is he going to do with me? Is he going to kill me? How do you keep a man like him interested when all he enjoys is making other suffer? I mean come on now look at the Beta for instance, he had my sister has had Nicole and now he’s on to Allison.

The sad part is all their fate is going to be the same. I wanted to escape for so long, but now I want to punish them all for what they’ve done to these women and myself. The men of this pack they all deserve a dark fate.

As I am all in my head, I hear faint noises, “Sabrina!” I look up quick, oh Alpha what are you saying? Are you finished with your lunch? I am thank you so much it was delicious. You are welcome Sabrina I’m happy that you enjoyed it.

 Right now will be the real test you shifting into your wolf, are you ready? I looked at him and I say as ready as I can be. Will you explain it to me again before I try? He looks at me and smiles of course Ill take care of you. Everyone is done eating too, so they get up, and we head towards the front door. Alpha stops dead in his tracks and says one minute Sabrina. I turn and I looked at him all I can see are his canines.

 I jumped back in shock, mumbling on my words. “ Uhhhh what what are you doing? Alpha don’t hurt me.” He then responds on my sweet Sabrina you need my mark before your able to run anywhere. Why? What are you talking about what is that? He then responds don’t define me Sabrina come and let me do what I’m meant to do.

I am pretending to be scared as all hell as he’s preparing to mark me. I know what the mark is and how bad it’s about to feel. But this girl has no memory of ever being marked I had to pretend to be super terrified. I have been building up a good pain tolerance with all this shit that’s been happening.

 I walk over to him grabs me then slaps me across the face “don’t you fucking question me on anything, I am your master.” As I sit on the ground not wanting to move he reaches out his hand to me of course I take don’t have much of a choice. He then puts me up against the wall as tears are falling down my face, he then reaches for my wrist then bit down instant pain rushed threw my veins.

 I cry and he smiles with my blood on his lips he licks his lips, my god Sabrina you always taste so fucking good. I can see hungrier in his eyes I know what is about to happen. He then tells the Beta and Allison to get the fuck out of the room the Beta shrugged okay Alpha, and they leave.

have you ever been into my office? I don’t think so well first time for

 “Let’s go now!”

is drained from the mark not understanding why every time he marks me I feel extremely drained.

we walk into his office he shuts the door behind him he tells me, “Sabrina take off all of your clothes right now.” As I am taking my clothes off he strongly grabs me as my body stiffens he lifts me up, and sits me on his desk. My panties are still on, so he rips them off.

I Will Escape de Ashnlee1021 chapter 58

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