I Will Escape chapter 60


I wake up feeling refreshed. I can’t believe that the Alpha left me alone all night which is extraordinary. I’ve been sleeping so well I’m so well rested something that I am truly not used to. When I get up I notice Alpha set clothes out for me like always.

 I get up and look at the clothes he set out for me, and get myself dressed. Then I’m like fuck he didn’t tell me to get dressed fuck. I go to take the clothes back off and try to fold them the exact way that he had them, so he won’t notice.

Not really sure if he would give a shit or not but who the fuck wants punished just for putting fucking clothes on. I wonder when the Alpha plans on coming up. I know that he gets upset when I just do things without him telling me to.

 Sometimes I see myself as weak listening to this monster, following his commands, but truth be told what else is there to do. I am really starting to get him where I want him. Getting him to trust me is going to be the biggest mistake he ever makes.

 I know that building his trust is going to take way too long, but I also know in the long run it’s going to be worth it.

I start hearing footsteps in the hallway, I’m thinking it’s the Alpha maybe I can finally get dressed. When the door opens it is not the Alpha. It is actually Allison she says, “good morning Sabrina I am here to tell you to go ahead and get ready.” 

Once you are to just go ahead and come down for breakfast and join us. I then say thank you so much Allison I will get dressed and I will be down, and she shuts the door. Wondering what the hell today is going to bring. I hope it’s not a trip to the Alpha’s office I could go without that for a awhile. 

“Jazz are you ready to start our day?” 

“Yeah of course Sabrina!” Good luck! 

“Thanks Jazz.”

Well let’s get this show on the road, I hope they are having something delicious like bacon for breakfast.

As I’m walking down stairs, I hear does she really think you ran ahead of her the Beta says. The Alpha says she ran so fast she didn’t even see me if she really knew the blood line that she comes from and power she actually has. I honestly can’t believe how fast she ran. I start walking down the steps they immediately stop talking. I say good morning Alpha and Beta it is nice to see you both the Alpha then says, “You look beautiful Sabrina!” 

Thank you, Alpha, I respond. The Alpha then says Let’s go sit at the table and get some breakfast.  It does smell delicious thank you for allowing me to come down for breakfast.

As we are sitting at the table eating breakfast I am still caught up on what the Alpha and Beta were talking about. What other powers could I have that I don’t know about? I'm not aware of any of my background where I come from. I just learned that I have alpha blood in me not sure if it’s from my mother or my father. Wherever it comes from its made my infertility no more due to my bloodline. I have no idea how to use any of these powers or if I have any powers at all.

you know of any powers can you feel anything special?”

“Sabrina I am as blind to this as you are, I have no clue.” Usually wolves are brought up in their packs, and their parents teach them how to use their powers. If you have powers that your parents never told you about it’s hard to tell what they are and how to bring them out. 

I am so distracted not paying attention to the alpha or anybody else. I am all in my head I better snap out of it before the Alpha notices or he will get pissed off. As I am trying so hard to stay focused I just can’t stop thinking how I need answers my mind is all over the place.

The Alpha looks at me and says “Sabrina you’re not eating is everything alright?” 

 Here I am not paying attention so he repeats himself once more.

 Jazz yells at me trying to warn me to listen.

 “The Alpha is talking to you!”

up and start apologizing, “of course yes everything looks delicious I was just getting ready to start eating thank you.” I start to eat, so I don’t draw more attention to myself but keep wondering who I really am and how much I need to find out about

says “So Sabrina before all this amnesia shit happened with your memory loss you were going to start planning

coughing choking on my food in shock to what he just said. My response honestly is just shock, I tried to speak but the words don’t come

says “Sabrina are

fine it’s just you surprised me. I feel like we don’t know each other enough for me to start planning some wedding. The Alpha then looks pissed off. “Oh, my sweet Sabrina are you calling me a liar?” he

course not calling you a liar, I am just confused that’s all. I would really like to get to know you more before we actually would

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