I Will Escape chapter 62


As I finally get up to clean his scent off me scrubbing myself red. I don’t want to miss any spot that he might have touched me. It is like my soul is turning dark. I’m so full of hatred for him. I’m done and step out of the shower. I start to dry myself . As I look into the mirror, I look at my bruised face a fire lights up, and I’m ready to win this fucking fight. I’m amazed the power of range I feel right now. Where the hell is this coming from or even knowing what the hell it all means.

 I walk out of the bathroom into the mess of the bedroom that the damn Alpha caused, while he decided to abuse me. I start to pick things up as I look at the bed that the sheets are covered in my blood due to what he has done to me. I take the sheets off the bed and place them in a pile to be washed. My clothes I throw away since he basically shredded them. I guess good thing he doesn’t buy me expensive clothes.

He keeps me locked up where only he can see me the Alpha, the Beta and Allison. What if his pack is all lie, but then again who would have taken me then. The door suddenly swings open he smiles “Where are your clothes my sweet Sabrina?”

“ Oh yeah that’s right I haven’t put any out for you.” I then look at him and respond “well yes, so I thought I would wait until you come back. I would be able to get dressed since you like to pick out my clothes. He looks at me and smiles and hands me my clothes. I start getting dressed as he’s watching my every move.

“Now that is a good girl, Sabrina that is how you should listen to me.”

 I force a reply, “well I’m just so happy that I can please you the way you desire.”

 He then looks at me like I have two heads.

”Oh Sabrina you are back now aren’t you my dear.”

I look at him confused. “What are you talking about?” I ask. “Your back to me, the Sabrina that is a pain in my ass always defining me.”

 “Just know Sabrina I will not just allow you to disrespect me.”

 I look at the Alpha with hate, “how could I ever disrespect you my Alpha.”

He walks over and grabs my face, “Do you enjoy pain Sabrina?” I answer with his hands still on my face. “What do you think Alpha?” I know that you definitely enjoy inflecting pain on others.

 He smiles, I do what I think is necessary for my pack and of course myself. You will be my slave when I want you, I will have you, like I’ve always said “You belong to me.”

I laugh like hell, “Like I’ve always said to you.”

“I belong to no one.” He laughs whatever you say my sweet Sabrina.

Alpha says since you want to define me all the time, I will make sure that your stay here is indefinitely miserable. I respond like my stay here so far wasn’t miserable enough. You are a terrible person, and you will pay for your actions. “Sabrina”, he says. Is that a threat coming off your beautiful lips?”

 I looked at him “of course not it’s a promise.”

if you want to fight me on everything I do then go ahead this shall be fun the Alpha says. It’s not me defining you now it’s not wanting to be with you and you holding me here captive. This is for no one else’s gain but your own. You claim it’s for revenge but I honestly believe it’s for your own

 That is what’s going to get you in your entire pack slaughtered, your arrogance. He laughs asking me “Are you done now Sabrina or do you want to dig yourself a even bigger hole than what you are

 I will never stop fighting you and I will fight to escape this fucking hell as long as I live, I will promise you that. He throws me to the ground and kicks me as hard as he can in my stomach, I don’t even flinch. I am so angry that I just want to fucking kill him but I can’t move as he’s kicking

causing me the pain is the best he can do the truth is that pain is nothing compared to being captive here. He will never keep me here because I will escape him and I will kill

 I don’t know how but I will find a way out of this. He may keep me as his little puppet, but I will not follow his commands not anymore. The abuse can’t get any worse than what I already have gotten from him. I will gain my strength I will find my inner power that is hiding deep inside me. Once it unleashes all hell is truly going to break loose. It will all go towards him and his pack. They will pay for every wrong doing that they have inflicted towards me and any other woman that they’ve ever

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