I Will Escape chapter 64


 “Jazz what do you think we need to do to get out of sedation and try to escape this hell?”

 Not sure yet Sabrina, but we need to figure it out, so we can escape fast without being seen.  

I asked her “Do you really think that we will be able to get out of the doctor’s sedation?”

Yes Sabrina! “Just for the fact that we are sedated now, but yet here we are talking to each other inside your head, is a really good sign.” That is a good point Jazz, “I didn’t even think of it like that.” 

“Jazz do you really believe that some way somehow we can break out of this hell and truly escape?” I need some hope knowing that you believe in me. 

“Sabrina have I ever not believed in you?” “I’ve never showed you that I didn’t, I believe in everything you do anything is possible.”

“Sabrina you are so strong you survived so much torture and abuse you can overcome any obstacle.” I think that your heart gets the best of you sometimes and you want to save everybody. That just shows you have a caring heart, and that’s important to have.

Enough of all the doubt, what should we try first Jazz starts thinking of a plan. Why don’t you think of something positive something that you love. In all honesty my family is what I loved the most in this world but then all I find out is what they had hidden from me. I try thinking back to when I didn’t know anything. 

My last good memory  was the day of my birthday and my mom was so excited about me turning 18. She was even planning my party. Starting my senior year in school and making my favorite breakfast chocolate chip pancakes. Now I know for a fact that she might not be my true blood parent. Which doesn’t matter she sure was my true best friend. It’s hard for me not to get sad and full of emotion when I think of my parents.

 I loved them so much and the fate that they suffered because of the Alpha was so uncalled-for. They took care of me the best that they could. I would never have chosen anyone else better than them. 

“Jazz I can’t just think about my parents, it’s what is supposed to make me happy instead is making me terribly sad they’re gone.”

I understand Sabrina but try your best we need to see where your powers are triggered from. Sabrina stop thinking about your parents maybe think about Tonya. She is someone else that makes you happy that isn’t dead. 

As I start thinking about Tonya I think about our future about us finding husbands, getting married, having children it fills me up with excitement. To think someday all these things will be possible for us. I’m getting all these happy-go-lucky thought’s in my head yet nothing has happened. 

Its just almost like laying here in silence watching paint dry no results . 

“Jazz then responds Sabrina why not be sad maybe your sadness will unleash something.”

Jazz I was thinking about my parents and I got sad and nothing happened. Maybe your not focusing enough Jazz says.

 I respond “if you find it so fucking easy than you try to focus and do it your

 As I am getting angry that’s when I start to feel something it’s almost like a shock. It’s almost like I’m turning into a different person. My eyes go red and I am ready for anything the power I feel is extraordinary. The only question now is how do I use this to wake myself up. 

tries to help, “Sabrina take all your anger and your frustration that you feel for the Alpha. Let it all out until you explode with hate. Maybe that will be enough to break your

footsteps somebody is coming, the door opens. I’m not sure who it is I hear no voices. Then I feel a gentle touch, and I hear a whisper in my ear saying ; “I am shutting your sedation off you will be able to escape in a couple of hours.”

 “The Alpha has left to go find a wife this will be your chance to escape him don’t mess

“ Good luck Sabrina you’re going to need it find your sister, and you both need to find your father together.” 

has found her a pack for refuge she is with the Moonlight pack they will take care of you

is what you seek find your father and get your vengeance but be patient Sabrina. Just remember I am suffering the consequences of letting you go free. I will probably be killed so run as fast as you can and don’t stop until your safe sweet

thing Sabrina “Please give your dad my apologies and beg him to forgive me hoping this will make up for my

am I hearing that right are we being set

seems just as surprised as me, “Sabrina were getting the chance

 Excitement overcomes us both I can’t wait until this sedition wears off, and we finally can escape once and for all out of

what about Allison?” Sabrina I know you want to save her but we can’t waste our only chance to really

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