I Will Escape chapter 66


I have no idea where I am going, I just keep running the feeling of being free is amazing. The best kind of feeling that I’ve felt in such a long time. I tried to find any sign of civilization, but there’re no signs.

As I am running in the woods I’m listening to all the sounds. The birds chirping the squirrels and chipmunks ruffling the leaves, all I’m thinking is which one will be my dinner.

 I can’t believe that we finally escaped scared as all hell to stop running not wanting the Alpha to catch up to me. As I’m listening to all the wonderful sounds, I then hear a vehicle, “oh my god Jazz I hear a car there is a road somewhere around here.” We need to find that road.

 I start looking for the road, I see markings on the trees and think how the markings are almost in a row which is odd. I start walking up to the markings Jazz then says, I have it. “What are you talking about Jazz?” Tonya’s scent I smell it.

 Speechless I don’t know what to say. I walk up to the trees and I feel the marks on the trees. I followed them and it leads me to the road. She must have had to go back into the woods for something. She marked the trees, so she knew how to get back. I start following the markings on the trees that are leading into the woods.

 Then I get a smell of blood and its Tonya’s blood as I’m walking I see a trap. The trap looks to be made of silver and smells like Tonya.

 “Jazz oh my god, did they recapture Tonya?” I didn’t know about it. If they have then why would the Beta attack me the way he did?

 I’m confused, and I was starting to get tired. I fight my exhaustion and decide to try to follow the scent of Tonya’s blood. Not sure if I’m going to like what I find, hopefully it doesn’t lead me to her body.

 It doesn’t seem like a lot of blood to kill her just enough to hurt her. She got caught in the trap, and must have searched for help or a safe place to heal.

I start hearing footsteps steps I stop to make sure that’s what I am hearing and not my own footsteps. Am I just being paranoid. I hear them again I look for a tree to climb terrified not knowing what is about to

 I shift back to my human and climb up a tree. I’m looking around I see nothing I know I’m not crazy. I most definitely heard something I stay up the tree and decided to sleep here for the night.

 Its so dark out, I can’t even see my hand in front of my face. Its so peaceful it surprisingly is not cold I lay naked in the tree, and start to fall asleep.

 I didn’t sleep very well last night, I kept having the fear of the Alpha coming and capturing me and taking me back to

 Once I would fall asleep, I would have the same dream over again. I am terrified of being caught. I’m not too worried of what he might do to me, I just want to be free not held captive.

it starts getting light outside, I look around in my surroundings everything looks clear, so I start climbing down the tree. I can hear my stomach growling, “Jazz are you ready to hunt, so we can get our breakfast.

“Yes Sabrina let’s do it!”

we begin our hunt we find a rabbit, I devour it the nutrition, and the taste is amazing. I can’t believe that I can just eat flesh from animal in all reality it’s disgusting. My wolf is tearing into its flesh it’s amazing not understanding why but not really caring either just enjoying the

I am done eating I start searching for water, I don’t want myself getting dehydrated and becoming weak. It would make it easier for the Alpha to find me and that is never going to happen. The only reason, I ever go back to that hell will be to rip his heart

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