I Will Escape chapter 67


As I am yelling nobody is answering I feel like a fool but I know there somebody watching me. So I continue my journey as I am walking I hear “hello excuse me,” I am in shock.

 I don’t know what I should do just ignore him pretend I didn’t hear it. Is this the person that has been following me all this time? What does he want? 

Hi stop and turn around and then I shout do not come near me. He then stops dead in his tracks and says, “you are the one that is on my territory.” I then respond, “Are you the one that has been following me?”

“ Yes I needed to make sure that you aren’t dangerous.” 

“I then asked him how do you know I am not dangerous ?”As I was watching you the way that you reacted to the animals the noises and smells I could tell that you aren’t evil. 

I ask him “what do you want with me?” 

“I don’t want anything I was just wondering why you were on our territory?”

“I’m sorry I am just passing through I won’t cause any problems, just please let me pass through peacefully.” I am not going to hurt you. 

You are more than welcome to go through our territory. I just wanted to make sure that you weren’t going to hurt us. 

So what is your name I ask him, “my name is Damien.”

 “What is your name ,he asks me?” I don’t want to give him my real name so I make up a fake name. I want to be discreet just in case he is trying to fool me my name is Stacy. 

He dances well isn’t that just a beautiful name it’s very nice to meet you Stacy.

“Do you need directions for anywhere?” 

“No thank you, I will find my way on my own.” I will ask you though if you know of any water sources, I am dying for a drink. 

Yes I will take you to the pond it’s right up here, thank you so much I respond. 

I am not sure about this man he seems friendly not something I am used to. Coming from a man, I want to believe that there are good man out there but how is that even possible.

 Everywhere I turned the Alpha had control of people their surroundings, how do I know he’s not one of his puppet’s too.

Thank you for showing me where the pond is but you can leave now, I will find my own way. Damien respond, “You have some people issues don’t you?” 

“Well that’s none of your business now is it?” Look I don’t want to cause any issues here, so please just leave me alone and go about your day. 

Damian says, “I will go on about my day once you actually tell me the truth on why you are here.” 

“Why is it your business to know anything about me you are a stranger.” I guess you have trust issues which is not my problem. 

I am going to follow you until your off our territory and then I’ll leave you be. I can either walk with you or I can walk in the shadows, it’s your choice. Fine I’m sorry I’m on edge I don’t mean to be but… 

“ oh never mind.” 

He then says, I’m not going to judge you if that’s what your worried about.

 “I really don‘t care what you think of me judge me that’s fine. You judging me isn’t going to change a damn thing.” I don’t trust people I don’t want any problems. I just want to be on my way you can follow me or you can walk with me, I really don’t care. 

He replies, well the pond is right up there, I will wait here you can go get a drink take a swim do as you

you finish then I can lead you off

walk up to the water it looks so blue and clear. I can’t believe how beautiful this pond is. I kneel to cuff the water in my hands to get a drink the water is delicious. I go to take my clothes off, I want to take a quick swim and clean the dirt off my

water is chilly but not too bad I can tolerate it but a nice hot shower would be amazing right now. As I get myself cleaned up and hydrated then I get dressed again. I walked back over to Damian and I tell him aright I’m all

is your pack so open up to strangers aren’t you afraid of getting hurt by someone that you can’t trust?” Our pack has always been the helping pack. We allow people to join our pack that has not or have come from  elsewhere. Some have even run away from other

 We are the type of pack that will help anybody in need if we are capable of helping we do. “Well isn’t that just wonderful of you guys, what is the name of your pack the healers?” Since you and your pack try to fix the damaged people. Is that what you

laughs, “how funny but in all reality are pack name is the Moonlight

did you say? What is your packs

me once again, “the

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