I Will Escape chapter 68


I then asked him if Tonya told him of anything that happened to us. He responded that she did tell him about the Devil pack. I looked at him and I said what are you talking about the Devil pack?

That is the name of Alpha Alex’s pack, it’s called the Devil pack. From my understanding since you are here in front of me Sabrina, I take it that you escaped alpha Alex am I correct?

 Yes I escaped the Alpha the monster that held me captive that raped me, tortured me and abused me, and I am never going back. Unless it is to kill him and his Beta.

“I’m so sorry for everything that has happened to you Sabrina.” Tonya will be ecstatic when she sees you. Yes, I believe she will especially when she is supposed to be out searching for our father. Looking for him to save me and instead she is settled in with her little mate, and his pack.

He then says, "we are searching for your father we might not be going territory to territory. We have been sending out letters trying to locate him because he’s always on the move. We’re trying to find out where he has moved to, so then we can go there."

Your father doesn’t know what happened to you and your sister and his most trusted pack members. Tonya hasn’t slept a full night since she’s been with our pack. She has nightmares of what they’ve done to her and then of them killing you. Such bad nightmares of her not being there in time to save you.

So don’t you dare act for one second that Tonya does not care about you. Everything she has done has been done for you. She won’t even spend any time with her mate meaning me because she’s too busy trying to find a way to save you.

Look Damien, “I am sorry okay I have been tortured for so long.”

 “I don’t think there’s any good people in the world, I am trying to act normal.”

 I am not even sure what normal is at the moment. I just want to be happy and be free.

 After Tonya left the abuse and the torture was horrible I even died twice and then brought back. I am not planning on causing problems with Tonya. So please continue to take me to her. Out of nowhere I just start crying not even realizing I am crying.

 Damien says “Are you okay?”

I say to him, “surprisingly yes” I am just overjoyed that I will be seeing my sister soon.”

 This might sound really sad, but you are the only man that hasn’t tried to touch me or hurt me for a while, so thank you for being so kind.

 I then ask, “Damien what is that smell?”

 “What smell I have no clue what your talking about.”

“Don’t you smell it?” The smell is so intense, I can’t even describe it the best way I can describe it is simply just delicious like I crave it.” I want it not even understanding why.

comes in, and says Sabrina prepare yourself your about to meet our mate. Jazz what are you talking about I can scent him and so can you. That’s the smell that you’re smelling it is him, and he smells you too.

Get ready to meet your mate he's almost here. I then become nervous and freaking out Damien notices.

He says, “what’s wrong Sabrina?” I then say my wolf just told me that my mate is here that’s why I smell that smell. What the hell is she talking about? My God it makes perfect sense he says.

respond, “what are you talking about?” I have a twin his name is Dominic, he must have your scent from when you choked me. He knew I was in trouble, so he came looking for me. That’s how you smell him he’s getting close, I can sense him too.

don’t want any of this!”

Sabrina” Damien says, he’s not going to hurt

going to force you to do anything that you don’t want to do.”

guys are just meant to be

 “I don’t want a soulmate I don’t want anyone I just want to be left alone.”

that Alpha take total control of you and even take away your true love your happiness you cannot be afraid all the time don’t let Alex win this time.

too much for me to take all in. Jazz do you trust this man won’t hurt us. Sabrina he is our mate he will protect us not hurt us. What if Alex finds out about him, don’t you think he will try to kill

responds ,we will kill him first we can protect him as well Sabrina. This is out of our hands he is going to be our mate, whether you like it or not. There’s nothing that we can do but reject him. I don’t want you to reject my mate Sabrina. It is unbearable pain when a mate rejects their mate we need to just be patient and see what is going to happen.

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