I Will Escape chapter 7


All I hear is beeping its driving me

I say, “No, thank you, just please leave me.” She looks at me with pity in her eyes as she walks out the door.

I lay there alone not knowing how long I've been out for this time. The nurse comes back in with a plate of food telling me it is lunchtime. It looks delicious. I'm starving. She places the tray down on a stand by my bed. I thank her, and she leaves me alone to eat. 

As I'm eating, Jazz speaks to me. “I thought he was going to kill us this time.”

I responded, “I wish he would have so this hell would just be over. Jazz there is no escaping this life is there? He said with my mark that he can find me. No matter where I go I will always be brought back to him.”

Jazz responds, “Yes, but there's a bit-”

I cut her off, “Oh my god! Yes,” I respond, “What is it?”

“When you're on his territory he can scent you anywhere, but once your off he can't scent you as good. You have to be in a mile radius, but he will feel you once you break through. We don't know how far his territory goes. It could be 100 to 500 miles or fewer. We need to figure how big it is and how big his pack is to really plan our escape.”

“Jazz there's hope of escaping this hell! Now what should be our first move? 

Jazz responds, “You're not going to like it. What we need to do is gain his trust.”

“You mean I'm going to have to submit to this bastard? I can't he killed my family. Hatred builds up just looking at him.”

Jazz responds, “You're going to have to learn how to control it if we have any chance in hell to do this.”

“How long do you think it will take jazz?”

“I don't know Sabrina, but it will be worth it in the end. We will be free.”

I eat the rest of my lunch. The nurse comes in to take my tray. “Excuse me, nurse,” I say. 

She looks back at me and says, “Is there something you need?”

“How long have I have been here?”

“About 8 weeks,” she says, “The Alpha knows you're awake. He is probably going to be on his way soon.”

I ask, “Is there anyway I can get a

“Sure,” she responds, “I will get the stuff to use and some clothes.”

you so much for being so nice. My name is Sabrina,” I say.

“No problem. My name is Joyce,” she responds.

She brings in my clothes, some shampoo, and body wash. She says, “I will help you in to make sure you're able to walk and keep

“Thank you,” I ask, “How do you know the Alpha?”

She responds, “I'm his sister.”

How are you so nice?” I say. It sort of just slips out in my shock.

“We are very different people. He does what he has to do even terrible things to keep us all

with hatred in my voice, “Including killing innocent people? Kidnapping and torturing people? He's a

doesn't do anything without good reason,” she responds. She walks me up to the shower. I step in the shower, and I tell her, “I'm good I can

out and says, “Pull the emergency string if you need

“Thank you. I'm good.” 

the hot water on. It feels so good on my body. I get my washcloth, soap it all up, and go to clean myself. I see the scars across my body from all the wipe marks. They're fading, but still noticeable. What a monster he is. I understand she is his sister, and she might see the best in him, but I don't know how that is at all possible. Wait her name is Joyce. She was the one that told the Alpha I was weak and that she knew me better than my own mother. Who hell is this woman? Is she the reason I'm here?

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