I Will Escape chapter 70


As we are walking I watch Dominic, he has such a sexy ass, Oh my god he is so hot! He catches me looking, “Sabrina do you like your view?” I blush and smile so big, I’m not complaining. You know Sabrina you are so beautiful, I thank him.

“Are we almost there yet, it seems like we have been walking forever, it is almost getting dark. He says, “Why Sabrina are you getting tired?” I complain, no I’m just tired of walking.

 He stops and turns around, “You know I can carry you if you want me too.” I look at him and smile you would do that for me? “ I would do anything for you Sabrina, he tells me with his sexy voice. “

I laughed, thank you Dominic but I can walk. “Well if you change your mind you just let me know, and I’ll carry you baby.” I thought to myself he called me baby it instantly made me wet. I want his touch so bad not knowing what I’m doing I just go for it.

I walk up closer to him and pinch his ass, he then looks back at me with a seductive look in his eyes. He moves closer to me, “you have a livid touch Sabrina.” I want you so badly that I could rip your clothes off and take you right now, but I’m trying to give you the chance.” So when you are ready don’t be scared to go for… I don’t let him finish a word.

 I connect to his lips that makes my whole body shiver with delight. His kiss is fucking my world up wanting him so much more. I jump up put my legs around his waist, he then takes his hands and grabs my ass. I feel so wet, he carries me over and puts me up against a tree.

 I forcefully start kissing and sucking on his neck he moans out for me. I am giving him pleasure just by my kiss. He then takes my lips, slowly kissing me down to my breast.

Gently caressing my breast, he starts sucking on my nipples. I bite my bottom lip hard trying to resist screaming his name wanting all of him. He then whispers in my ear.

 “Sabrina can I have you?”

 I can’t even get my words out, I grab his hair in my hands as I’m moaning for more.

 “Yes, please fuck me I want all of you.”

Putting me down he tells me to lean on the tree and to take my pants off, I do as he says. Then he kisses me from my lips down to my pussy ,the intensity of pleasure that I have never felt before, its indescribable.

“ You like it baby?”

 I moan out. “I want more!” As he comes up to kiss me.

I surprise him as he goes to unzip his pants, I grab his hands and say let me. He looks into my eyes and lets me take control.

 I unzip his pants and get on my

As I stroke his hard cock he moans out from the pleasure I’m giving him. I put his cock in my month as he is about to cum I

 He gropes me up and puts my back against the tree then puts his cock inside me. As he fucks me, I’m out of my mind with pleasure.

gets heavy as we both cum at the same time. He kisses me, and we are both out of breath from what just happened.

are both getting dressed, I’m in my head like fuck I’m not wanting him to think I’m a dirty whore.

I ask Jazz, “Do you think that happened to fast?” That he is going to think I’m a slut?” Jazz then laughs, “Sabrina he is your mate its hard for either one of you to resist each other.”

then comes over, looking me in the eyes. “Sabrina I’m sorry that this happened so fast I wasn’t planning for it to .” I lost such control over myself but you make my body crazy.”

couldn’t control myself to stop after you wanted it I know you wanted to go-slow.

 I then say to him Dominic you were amazing I didn’t want you to stop. I wanted all that pleasure that you gave me. You made my body feel things I never knew I could feel. I smile at him and kiss his cheek saying, “its getting dark fast are we almost at you secret hide out.”

gets close to me puts his hands on my waist and leans in to kiss me.

happy I finally found you. I thought I was just going to be mate less,” he explains.

the way look up we are here!”

got to do some climbing, Are you good at climbing?” I then smile at him I love to climb! Well then ladies first.”

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