I Will Escape chapter 29


As I am waking up the sun is shining in through the curtains. I'm so happy to see that the Alpha is not laying next to me. I see the note on the stand. I don't even bother to go reach for it because I really don't care what he has to say. I get up go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I turn the water on to warm it up for my shower and get into the shower. The hot water feels so good over my body. I am not sure how much more I can handle. I am not going down without a fight, but I'm just not sure how much fight I have left without Jazz.

As I get out of the shower I pick up my towel, dry off my body, and I walk out to read the Alphas possessive note that he has written me. I follow his every move like his little puppet. It says, “Good morning Sabrina, I hope you have slept well. Remember the rules I stated at dinner last night. They haven't changed, and if they're not followed there will be consequences for your actions. Oh, please don't follow the rules and let me punish you. You know how much I like it. Have a good day my sweet Sabrina.”

I put the note down on the stand in disgust. I really can't stand the way that he is so possessive. I can't leave my bedroom until someone comes in and gets me for breakfast. Not even really knowing what time it is maybe I even missed breakfast, but what the hell does it really matter anyway. I sit and think of a plan on how to get my wolf back. I don't know what the hell he did to me for her to just up and disappear. I don't even heal as fast as I would normally heal. The bruises are still on my face now fading, but still there.

As much as jazz got on my nerves with all her positive talk I could really use it right now to keep me from giving up.

I hear a knock at the door. It opens and it's Tonya. She tells me, “I'm here to take you down for breakfast. Please follow me,” and I follow her like a little puppet. God, I hate this place. As I sit at the table even now when I am allowed to speak I don't. As breakfast is being served my mouth is watering. I am so hungry from not eating last night, so I'm excited to eat and don't really want to talk to anybody. I can't trust them. I don't know what to say because of getting the consequences from the Alpha. I'd rather do my own dirty d's than be told on by a couple tattletales. Tonya perks up and says, “How did you sleep Sabrina?” 

I respond to her, “Well. Thank you for asking how about yourself?”

She says, “I slept lovely. Thank you for asking.” I almost choke up my breakfast from disgust.

stand up and ask if I may please go to the bathroom. The Beta looks at me and responds, “Tonya will you please take Sabrina to the bathroom?” 

Tonya says' “Of course I will.” 

We walk to the bathroom in silence. Once we get into the bathroom Tonya speaks and says, “I know how to get your wolf back.” 

at her with confusion. “What do you mean you know how to get my wolf

to concentrate and work on it every single day. You have to be able to bring her back by yourself. Then they will never be able to take your wolf away from you. It's some kind of medicine that they give younger wolves to block out their wolves. It's so they can't attack and learn to get control of their anger. If you concentrate you're able to bring her back on your own, and they will never be able to take her

why are you trying to help me? Is this a trick,” I

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