I Will Escape

I Will Escape




Hombre lobo



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Novela I Will Escape de Ashnlee1021

La novela I Will Escape del autor Ashnlee1021 del género Hombre lobo es una historia de amor sobre el arduo viaje de los protagonistas masculino y femenino. Se conocieron, se enamoraron y pasaron por muchos acontecimientos y dificultades, pero ¿al final llegaron a estar juntos? Actualmente, el libro I Will Escape de Ashnlee1021 está en el estado de En curso con capítulos completos y el sitio web readerexp.com admite la descarga gratuita en PDF de la serie de libros, lea el serie completa I Will Escape en readerexp.com.

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La novela I Will Escape es En curso y ha sido actualizada por el autor Ashnlee1021 al último capítulo sobre readerexp.com

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RATED MATURE PLEASE BE ADVISED THERE IS RAPE, ABUSE, AND TORTURE: Sabrina lives what she thinks is an ordinary life. Besides the fact she is a werewolf. Sabrina was not raised in a traditional werewolf family. She was raised in the human world. Sabrina only knew of one other family of her kind, which was her best friend Tonya’s family. One morning she goes to school, only later to find out that her life would change forever. Sabrina is captured by the Devil himself. While he takes out all his revenge on her. Sabrina discovers a strength that she never knew she had. She finds a way to survive all the abuse that she endures. No matter what she never loses hope of escaping the hell she is living. She knows nothing about werewolves or their capabilities. She is blind to it all, never knowing her true powers. Sabrina fights to uncover the truth about her identity not knowing her whole life has been hidden from her. Will Sabrina find her true identity? Will she escape the hell that she is forced to live? Read and reveal all the secrets, pain and deceit Sabrina will face .