I Will Escape romance Capítulo 128


As I am waking up, Dominic is not there. I am sort of disappointed not to wake up next to him. Thinking that he probably had things to do. I am so relieved that we could talk, but I still feel so empty, wishing that I could just move on. I hate that Alex still has this much power over me. I am not sure how to get back to myself. As I go to get up off the bed I hear commotion. I'm not sure what it is. Realizing it is probably just pack members training.

As I open the door I don't see anybody I started wondering where Emily Tiffany and Sandra are. They should be preparing for what meals are to be cooked for today. I began yelling for them when they didn't answer me. I'm surprised. As I am opening the door I say Hello is anyone here all I want is for someone to just answer me, but I get no response. Wondering where hell 8s everyone.

I then try to mind link Damien, but it's like he's not there, it's blank. What the fuck I want to go out to find what is happening as I'm walking down the hall. All of a sudden I feel a pain that I never felt before. It is so horrible that I fall to my knees and scream out and anguish. It almost feels like my heart is being ripped out of my chest and my blood is being drained from my body. I try to gain some composure back, but there's no use, I then feel like I'm being stabbed all over. I have no idea what this pain is, but it's taking my breath away. I know that I'm going to faint from all the pain. I can't control it, everything just goes black.

When I finally awake up, I notice it is nighttime it is pitch black I see nothing I hear nobody. I struggled to my feet trying to get my footing. I began to brush my hand against the wall trying to feel for the light switch. When I find it, I hit the light switch and it does not turn on.

As I began walking through the dark cabin, I tried to find my way. I reach out my hands in front of me hoping I don't fall. I then feel the kitchen counter. I try to feel for the drawers. Desperately looking for a flashlight. Once I found the drawers, I began opening each drawer hoping to find a flashlight. Once I found one I am so grateful. I turn it on and just to find that everything in the cabin is trashed. As I start to panic knowing that something has happened.

I try desperately to mind link Dominic, Damien and Tonya and there is nothing. I then realized that something awful has taken place as I'm trying to make it to the door. I'm thinking to myself, do I really want to see what I'm about to see? I'm terrified knowing what I am about to see isn't going to be good.

As I slowly open the door a smell comes over my nostrils, it almost makes me gag. I put my hand over my face trying to block out the smell but it is not working. It's so dark I have trouble seeing. As I point the flashlight outside the door. All I see is smoke and sticks coming out of the ground. I notice that there is something on top of the stick. I point my flashlight at it to find out what it is, but I'm too far to see as I get closer the smell is becoming stronger it smells like death. Once I become closer, I then figure out what I'm looking at. I blink a couple time I am in disbelief I Then realized that my worst fears are confirmed it is a pack members head I put my hands over my mouth to prevent my scream to be loud as I'm back up I trip and drop my flashlight when look I see what I tripped over I then see rest of him.

I'm in shock, as tears begin filling my eyes as I go to pick up the flashlight. That's when I see a dark figure standing over me, praying that it isn't him. But knowing by his voice that it is. 

"Hello my sweet Sabrina I have been waiting for you to wake up. I have been having so much fun with your pack. What idiots to follow you, I made sure each and every one of them paid their consequences."

"No Alex you didn't please, so you didn't kill all of them."

I feel a sharp pain across my face "don't you dare call me by my name it is Alpha. This is what happens when you run from me, Sabrina. Everyone had to suffer from what you did. This is your consequence now you are left with nothing."

"Oh wait Sabrina I forgot something."

He hits me in my stomach with such force he goes through my skin as I fall to my knees I taste blood as it pours from my mouth. I look up to him, seeing him hold my baby. He looks at me as he is cuddling my baby. He smiles at me and says, "don't worry Sabrina, I will take good care of her."

I watch as he goes to pick up his blade to finish me off once and for all, I begin to scream as loud as I can. Hoping that someone hears me, I scream, then suddenly it feels like the ground underneath me is shaking. As my body is going in every direction I become confused to what is happening.

"Sabrina wake up Sabrina baby wake up come on baby you're having a nightmare baby, please wake up baby please."

I then open my eyes to see Dominic.


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