I Will Escape romance Capítulo 130

As I am waking up, I realize that Dominic isn't beside me. My nightmare comes back to me and I jump out of bed. I hear the shower as I open the bathroom door in desperation as it flings and hits the wall. I feel a sigh of relief when I see Dominic open the shower curtain. He comes close to me, not realizing I'm shaking, he pulls my body into his. I smirk at him, do you enjoy making me all wet?" 

"I enjoy so many things about you, making you wet is one of the things I enjoy the most."

He levels his jaw with mine as he gently puts his lips onto my lips. As he tenderly kisses and sucks on my bottom lip. Wondering if I'm able to be with my mate and not freak out. I Want to but think maybe it's better to wait.

"It's about time you wake up, would you like to join me,"?

I smiled at him, "not all of us could fall asleep right away and be dead to the world in seconds," I let out a giggle.

"Yeah well I need to fall asleep before you, if I don't then your snoring will keep me awake," He smirks at me

"I do not snore Dominic, you are the one that snores."

"Keep telling yourself that Sabrina, maybe it will come true."

"So, are you going to join me or what?"

As he heads back into the shower I decide that why not I should just give it a try I cannot just continue being scared. I need to face my fear of intimacy. I tell myself I can do this, I start to undress and with shaky hands, I open the shower curtain. I can see the expression on Dominic's space, he is surprised and excited all at once.

"I decided that I would join you after all, if I am still welcomed."

"Baby, you're always welcomed, you don't ever have to ask to join me now, bring that sexy ass in here."

As I get into the shower, I can tell that Dominic is nervous and trying to hide it from me. He doesn't want to touch me, not knowing how I may react. I go to touch him, and he grabs my arm.

"Sabrina, I don't want you to feel obligated to do anything other than just showering together is fine with me."

"Thank you, Dominic but can I kiss you."?

He says nothing, he just connects his beautifully shaped plump lips onto mine, my body explodes with pleasure, loving his lips against mine. I want to react to him physically, I'm just scared Even though my body is telling me I want him. I just ignore it, I don't want any issues today I just want one day to just be normal and happy.

As we wash our bodies and our hair, we stare at each other but just giving it time. I wonder how he can be so patient with me. He truly is a great man. Feeling unsure, I know that I'm just not ready. Loving that Dominic doesn't rush me or force me, he waits for me. 

As we finish up showering we get out as my foot slips on the wet floor. I feel powerful hands catch me Dominic. I look into Dominic's brown eyes, "thank you for not allowing me to fall." 

I then began drying myself. I started to think about everything I have been through, all the bad that I have experienced and the good. Most would say that I am cursed,, but I don't believe that. I have so many people who believe in me. I really just need to believe in myself. If I could do that, maybe, just maybe, I could figure all this alpha stuff out.

I become so lost in my thoughts that I forget that Dominic is even in the Room. I start to wonder maybe it's me not wanting the responsibility of the alpha. I have never been brought up to know all the traditions of werewolves, so how am I to know everything? I need to adjust to the world that I am in. It sure's hell is not all sunshine and fucking rainbows.

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