I Will Escape romance Capítulo 129

I gasp for air, like I'm coming up from being held under the water. I grab a hold of Dominic, not being able to control the tears coming from my eyes. I can't, I am not the Alpha that my pack needs me to be. I'm not weak, I'm just damaged. I need to speak to my father. I need him to take over until I am mentally capable of leading.

I look at Dominic. Can you please go find my father? I need to speak to him now.

"Sabrina it is 3am in the morning."

"I don't care, I need to speak to him now, please."

Then we hear a knock at the door, as Dominic gets in a defensive mood. He jumps up and heads for the door as he opens it.

We hear my father's voice "it's ok, it's just Axel Sabrina's father I felt that she needed me, so I came to make sure everything was alright."

Dominic opens the door for him to come in and he looks back at me "I will give you guys some time alone, so you can talk."

"Dominic, please stay. I need you here too, please."

Axel walks over to "what is going on Sabrina?"

"I'm not sure if I can be the Alpha the pack needs right now."

"Sabrina, are you asking me to become the Alpha of your pack."

"Just until I am able to be the alpha that the pack deserves I need to heal from what has happened to me."

"Sabrina, they will see you as weak."

"Father, please, I can't be what they need to take the devil's pack down. I am damaged."

"We all are damaged Sabrina. It's what strengthens us. I will help you, but I won't take your title."

"I can't imagine what you have been through, it takes time to come back. I will help as your father but not as your Alpha."

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