I Will Escape chapter 34


As I am waking up, I notice the Alpha is still next to me. I wished that when I woke up I was alone. 

As I get up he grabs my arm, “Where are you going?” 

“I was going to go to the bathroom,” I answered.

He smirks and says, “Hurry and come right back to bed!”

I get up to go into the bathroom. Once I’m done, I wash my hands and prepare myself for what’s about to happen to me.

As I climb back into bed he grabs me and pulls me up to the head of the bed. 

He says, “Sabrina, you are so sexy even with bed head.” 

He smirks and kisses my neck. Then he moves down to my breasts licking and sucking on my nipples.

His hand trails down to my pussy as he starts rubbing it faster and faster.

I moan out in pleasure as my body is exploding.

He forcefully thrusts inside me, and I scream out in pleasure. 

“Tell me Sabrina how much do you want me?”

“I want you!” I gasped. 

He asks, “What do you want me to do to you?”

“I want you to fuck me!” I begged. 

He is fucking me so good my body is shaking as I scream out from my orgasm.

 He continues pounding me, but then he stops suddenly. He pulls out from inside me and turns me over.

I try to fight it, “Please don't!" I cry out.

He holds me in place as he puts it in my ass. Tears start flowing down my cheeks. He starts thrusting into me faster, harder.

I cry out, “Please stop!”

He grabs me by my hair and says, “I’m only doing what you asked me to do Sabrina.”

"You’re hurting me! Stop!"

He grabs my ass cheeks harder as he fucks me. I just want this nightmare to be over. 

He screams out in pleasure with every thrust and squeezes my ass harder. 

He quickly pulls out of me and cums all over my back. 

Then he turns me around and rubs his cock on my lips.

He laughs, "Sabrina, I can excite you and I can give you pain."

He just looks at me and smiles. Then he tells me to go clean myself up.

I get up off the bed and go to get in the shower. 

I look into the mirror with his cum on my face. I wipe it off.

Turning the shower on I start getting washed up, of course he has my clothes picked out. 

myself off as he walks up behind me and grabs my ass. I whimper in pain, still being sore from what he did minutes earlier.

I say, “Please, I am going to get dressed.”

He looks at me and says, “Maybe I don’t want you to get dressed.” 

I ask him, “What do you want, Alpha?”

“I want everything you have to offer.

 I snapped back, “I’m nobody’s anything.”

He laughs, “You will always try to defy me,” then he whispers in my ear, “It makes me want you even more. Now get dressed so we can enjoy some breakfast. Hurry up!”

getting dressed to go downstairs, I’m just hoping and praying that Tonya will

 I want to know that she is okay. I know it was her blood that I smelled, but I'm not sure

out of the bathroom and I yell to the Alpha that I am ready.

For once he lets me walk on my own. He opens the door, and we walked down the hall to go to the

we are approaching the dining room I am looking

see her which gives me a bad feeling, and I pray that she isn’t hurt.

tells me to sit, so I sit. As breakfast is starting to be served, I see the Beta and Tonya coming down the

Beta says, “I am sorry that I am

looks at him and says, “Don’t let it happen again. I don’t have tolerance for anyone disobeying

Alpha. Please accept my apologies. It will not

looks up at me, and I can see that her face is covered in bruises. It makes my heart hurt for her knowing that we do not deserve this kind of treatment. We deserve a whole hell of a lot

start eating the Alpha announces that Tonya and I will actually have time to

that him and the Beta have work that needs to be attended to, and that we are going to stay at the

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