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Mergulhe nos cativantes capítulos de I Will Escape, um envolvente romance Internet escrito pelo talentoso Internet. Com sua trama intricada, profundidade emocional e personagens inesquecíveis, este romance promete uma jornada de suspense e conexões sinceras. Seja você um amante de enigmas misteriosos ou de contos que aquecem a alma, Internet teceu uma narrativa que se gravará em sua memória. Explore as páginas de I Will Escape, começando com chapter 6, e deixe a magia se desdobrar.

All I feel is pain. My head is pounding and I'm chained to a bed. Where the chains touches my wrist and ankles it burns. My skin feels like its on fire. Jazz responds, “It's silver. We are sensitive to silver. It burns our skin.”

I ask, 'How didn't I know that?”

“Your parents never told you?”

“No they didn't tell me anything about it. We really didn't talk much werewolf talk.”

Jazz responds and says, “I will teach what you need to know, but stay strong. No matter what we will get through this together. I hear noises, so I shut my eyes to pretend to be out. It sounds like...oh my god it sounds like Tonya! It can't be her, can it?

Jazz says with constraint in her voice, “You will be able to hear her. Your wolf hearing is amazing. You can do it Sabrina!”

I strain as much as I can with my head pounding. I can't know for sure if it's her, but she says, “You promised you wouldn't hurt her.” I hear a slap and a whimper

“You said she would be easy to make submit. That she would be eating out of my hand following every command. Instead, she is being a pain in my ass.” I know that's the Alpha because his stern voice is very noticeable. 

“I'm sorry Sabrina is weak. She will submit to you, I know her better than anyone else. Even her own mother didn't know her as well as I do. Trust me you're just going to have to make her realize she is no one else but yours.”

“You better be right Joyce because if you're not you will pay the consequences of your actions.”

“Yes Alpha I will. What are you going to do to her?”

“That's none of your business get out now.”

“Yes Alpha.” I hear footsteps leaving and then I hear them coming towards me. I try to pretend I'm still out of it as he gets close. I start to shake, and he knows I'm awake.

I open my eyes. He looks at me. “Oh my sweet Sabrina, you are so beautiful. How are you enjoying the silver,” he asks. I don't respond. He takes out seems to be a wipe and wipes it across my stomach. I whimper in pain, and it starts burning like hell. He says, “How do u like my silver wipe? It feels good doesn't it.”

 I yell back, “Fuck you bastard! Is that all you got!”

He smiles and says, “We are just getting started. I save the best for last love.”

As he wipes me over and over I try to think about something that makes me happy. My family on vacation when we went to the beach last year. It was an amazing trip. We all got to be together for once, my dad left his work at home, and we went parasailing over the ocean. It was beautiful. We went fishing for sharks which was interesting since my dad never caught a fish, but my mom caught like five. He was so jealous. My memories start to fade, and I think I'm starting to lose consciousness. I feel Alpha come close to me. I can sense it. He whispers in my ear, “I'm going to take a break, but I'll be back.” He kisses my forehead, but I'm so out of it I don't care to respond. I just nod my head then I pass out.

As I wake up I realize I'm no longer on a bed. My burning wrists are not burning, but now I'm back to where I started; chained standing up in blackness. I'm so weak I can barely stand. It feels like I'm going to knock my shoulders out of their sockets and my knees are going weak. I scream out in pain.

Jazz talks to me and says, “Sabrina stay strong. I know your feeling hopeless and you don't want to fight, but don't lose the fire inside you!”

“Oh Jazz,” I respond, “I'm not healing. My fingers are still broken, I have cuts all over the front of me from being wiped, the smell of my own blood is overwhelming me.”

Jazz says, “We have to stay strong for each other.”

Then the light turns on and I hear footsteps coming towards me. I don't even bother to look up because I don't care what is about to happen. The Alpha gently holds my head up by my chin and says, “My sweet Sabrina, are you ready for round two?”

I spit in his face, and he slaps me across my face. I see his eyes go red and it begins. I feel him touching my back like he is drawing something on me. As he is stepping back I start to wonder what he was doing. I feel a sharp pain stabbing into my back realizing he drew a target on my back. He began throwing what felt to me like silver daggers. He threw about six, and walked up pulling them out of me. I scream in pain as it feels like he is burning my insides. He starts the process all over again and again, and when I would pass out from the pain he would wake me up with smelling salts. He would say, “Oh no, that's not allowed,” and wake me up to endure even more.

I feel like this is the end as everything seems to go white instead of black. It almost feels peaceful. My pain is gone. As I look around trying to see my surroundings I think I see my parents. I start running towards them, and then they start fading away. I yell, “No! Wait for me! Don't leave me! Please come back,” and they're gone.

I wake up to a big shock against my chest. “Listening to all the sounds you really did it this time Alex. I'm not sure if I can bring her back from this kind of torture. She is malnourished and her body is broken. You need to stop if you don't want her dead.”

I hear a woman's voice. It seems like the same voice from before. I realize then that this is not Tonya. The Alpha responds with, “Is that how you choose to speak to your Alpha?”

The woman comes back with, “No, that's how I choose to speak to my brother. She is alive for now. Get her to the hospital, so she can recover,” she says then leaves and so does Alpha. I lay there unchained wanting to escape but I'm too weak to move. I feel someone pick me up carrying me. I'm not sure where he is taking me. I pick up a familiar scent. Oh my god! It's Tonya! I try to open my eyes to see if I see her or notice where I am, but can't make out anything. I can't move and fall asleep.


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