I Will Escape romance Capítulo 17

I say, “Go for it Jazz!” She jumps at him, and he kicks us to the ground. 

I hear her say, “I'm sorry Sabrina.” I can hear her whimper in pain. 

I come back to my human form, and I know he broke a few ribs. I fight through the pain anyways. I go to the kitchen to look for a knife, but find nothing. I stand there naked with nothing to defend myself with. It's not like I have a chance against him anyways. 

I see him walking towards me. He looks at me says, “My sweet Sabrina, why do you enjoy defying me so badly? Do you enjoy pain?”

I yell back, “Go to hell where you belong and stay away from me!”

He laughs and starts walking towards me again. I throw our dinner plates, but he easily dodges them. They just shatter on the floor.

He grabs me be my wrist as I'm punching and kicking trying to escape him. “Sabrina, stop being so damn difficult,” he says. 

He makes me so angry I scream out to him, “I hate you!” Then he punches me in the face, and everything goes black.

I wake up to him fucking me. I try to get away from him, but he is too strong. As he thrusts harder and harder I cry in pain begging him to stop. He just goes faster. I start smacking him, and he grabs me by my wrists. He holds my wrists down like it's no trouble to him. He flips me around like I'm a rag doll. I try to crawl up the bed to get away from him, but he grabs me by my hair and pulls me back down where I can't move then. Then he starts, but this time it's a lot more painful. He thrusts himself inside my asshole. I scream as loud as I can in pain, and he just goes faster and harder. I cry out for him to stop. I start to feel faint, so he slaps me. “There won't be any passing out. You need to learn your lesson,” he says.

After hours of him me and having multiple orgasms he finally stops. He gets off of me and tells me to go get cleaned up for bed. I go to get a shower and lose it. I get cleaned up. He has clothes picked out for me. I get changed into them. He then comes up to me and says, “I have to go, but I'll be back soon.” Then he kisses my forehead and leaves.

Jazz says, “I'm so sorry Sabrina! I should have been able to do better for you. Instead, I put you in more danger and caused you more pain.”

I respond, “Jazz, it's not your fault. I lost my temper and put us in that predicament. Now we need to start from scratch to gain his trust all over again. I won't apologize for defending my family from that monster.

I go to lay down and get some rest. I am sore as fuck from what he has done to me. No matter which way I lay I feel pain. It's so uncomfortable, but eventually I fall asleep.


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