I Will Escape romance Capítulo 22

I get up and look at him. I laugh, “You are so predictable! Yeah, you want me to say 'thank you for the clothes'. Really? Go to hell!” His eye go black he picks me up by my throat. He grips harder and harder. I smile thinking this is the end, but he lets go and throws me on the bed.

As I am gasping for air rubbing my throat trying to catch my breath he flips me over on my stomach and grabs me by my hair. He pulls my head back whispers in my ear and says, “Maybe if you are a good girl you'll get your wolf back.”

“Fuck you! You're a monster! You don't deserve my respect,” I say to him.

I can hear him taking his belt off then asking me, “You ready for your consequence?” I know that this could have been prevented if I had submitted, but I hate him. Thinking he was getting ready to fuck me he instead gets off the bed and starts hitting my body with his belt over and over again. The pain is overwhelming. He laughs as I cry out to him to please stop. When he stops he then gets me from behind and fucks me dogie style. I'm so weak I can't fight anymore. I let him do as he pleases knowing he would anyway. Once he finishes he tells me to get off the bed and throws me to the floor. Then he says, “Go to sleep now.”

I lay on the floor naked and cold. I hate the way things are about to go on. As he lies on the bed I get up and walk over to him to tell him I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. He slaps me and tells me to go lay down on the floor. I ask for a blanket, but he says no.

I lay down on the floor, curl into a ball, and cry myself to sleep. I dream about my mother loving me. Breathing in her scent giving me butterflies just wishing she was here beside me. I miss her so much. My dad worked a lot out of town so, it was just my mom and I most of the time. My mom and I did everything together. She was my everything. Now I'm feeling like I didn't tell her how much she really meant to me.

I feel a sharp pain in my stomach almost like I'm being stabbed. Then again as I start coming to I notice that Alpha is kicking me in my stomach. I hear him say, “Get the fuck up! Now you fucking bitch!” 

As he kicks me again I cry out, “Please stop! I'm getting up!” 

He slaps me across my face. “You don't speak unless you're told to do so you understand me!” As he is squeezes my cheeks together holding my face I nod my head yes. “Good,” he says. Then he tells me that I need to get cleaned up and dressed and that I have 5 minutes to be ready.


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