I Will Escape romance Capítulo 53

After all that has happened this morning I have no idea on what to say anymore. Just for picking my own clothes out he acts like a total dick. 

Jazz tries to comfort me, “Sabrina just try not to let it get to you, he is who he is.” We still need his trust. I understand that Jazz its just I hate acting like his little puppet it kills me. Now I’m upstairs with him it’s going to be us just constantly together. 

As he ask me how my food tastes, I can’t even look at him . I’m just staring down looking at my food when speaking to him. I say “its fine.” He gets so angry he slams his fist down on the table causing me to jump. He then says Sabrina don’t you dare disrespect me when I speak to you. You look at me and respond. I then look up at him with tears in my eyes, “the food is good.”

 “See was that so fucking hard for you?”

“I didn’t realize that was a question intended for me to answer.”

 He gets up throwing his chair walks over to me and grabs me by my hair. 

I scream, “Please Alpha I’m sorry I didn’t mean any disrespect.” He let’s go of my hair and I fall back in my chair. Looking over I see Allison with a bruised up face. I try looking down to keep any attention off of her. 

The Beta sighs, “It is a beautiful day out!” 

“Are we still going to go for a run today?” 

The Alpha looks over at me , “Sabrina do you think you deserve to learn how to shift and go for a run today?” 

 I then look up to the Alpha not sure how to answer worried that it doesn’t matter. Whatever I do it will still make him angry. 

I respond, “Whatever ever you find fit Alpha.”

I’m so nervous on his reaction that I prepare myself that I might be getting beat. As I put my hands in my lap I eagerly wait for his response.  “You know what why the hell not.”

“Let’s get some of this energy out!” he smiles and looks at me. 

I look over to Allison noticing her fake smile of excitement wondering how she got in this predicament. Did they kill her family too? You can tell that she didn’t willingly choose to be here. The bruises on her face confirm that and I can’t even speak freely and openly to her about it. 

Not being able to trust her not to run and tell someone what we talk about. My whole plan would be blown to bits. “Jazz do you think we can help her too?” Sabrina stop! “We need to worry about ourselves.” It’s not fair that we can’t help those around us, Jazz responds. Sabrina you don’t know who actually really needs our help and who is pretending. That’s why we have to be careful for our safety.

The Alpha calls my name out! “Sabrina.”

I look at him, yes Alpha, he then asks me “are you ready to learn how to shift?”


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