I Will Escape romance Capítulo 55

It feels like it’s been hours that I’ve been tied to this bed, I’m cold and tired. As I fall asleep my head falls down and I choke myself awake. Just waiting for the Alpha to come back, but he never comes. I am so exhausted and there’s absolutely nothing I can do. He left me tied to the bed for a reason. 

I hear footsteps but then the door never opens. There’s nothing but silence nowhere to go I can only wait for him to come back. I start to think maybe he’s just going to leave me here to die. He must be getting tired of me, and he’s done, that’s possible. Maybe he found somebody else to torture instead of me. 

I know that he thinks that I am being tortured by leaving me alone but It’s quiet and I love it. Not being able to hear anything and it just being, so quite its so peaceful. I know it’s wishful thinking it’s not going to last forever, he will be back he is always there to make sure my life is hell.

I am awaken by water thrown on top of me. It’s freezing cold on my already frozen body. I start shaking, I’m freezing. Then the Alpha says, “Are you ready to comply now Sabrina?”

 I looked at him and begin to cry. 

I start groveling to him I am so sorry for whatever I’ve done. “Please forgive me and I will try not to repeat my mistakes.” 

“I will even work harder to shift into my wolf.”

He then tells me, that’s my first mistake not listening and obeying him and following his every command. When he tells me to jump I need to ask how high. 

I looked at him and I say, “whatever you want Alpha.,” I try to make myself look weak. As there is a fire burning in my soul, I’m eagerly waiting. I will pounce and rip his fucking heart out of his chest but I will save that for later.

As he starts to untie me, my entire body collapses from being so weak. I’ve been stuck in the same position for so long. I don’t even know how long I was left  it seemed like forever. 

He tells me to get the fuck up.

 I try to move but my body is too weak to budge. I say to him, “please don’t punish me, I am too weak to move my body. I don’t understand I keep trying to move but I can’t. 

He then laughs and says “You are so fucking weak you make me sick.”

 I cry, “I’m sorry Alpha” he slaps me. 

“Quit your fucking crying it’s so annoying.” 

“I will give you something to cry about god you are such a waste.”

 Then he just turns around and leaves the room. I curl my freezing body into a ball trying to get warm. I’m so exhausted I fall asleep and he’s in my dreams now. What a nightmare, he’s beating me over and over. Every time I would try to get up he would kick me back down. Yelling for me to stay the fuck down. I beg for him to stop, and he just laughs at my cries. He says you don’t tell me what the fuck to do as he kicks me harder.

I jump from the kicking he is doing in my dream. I wake up screaming and sweating just right before he tries to kill me. When I wake it’s dark and Alpha is not in the bedroom. Why did that feel so real? 


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